Summer in Somalia 2015

This time in Somalia was very different (in a positive way), I felt the love I have for my people and my culture,last time I was there I was quite young and I think I didn't really cared or thought much about my country and it's culture.
The thought I had at the back of my head on my way to Somalia which was "how are you going to survive with no internet in Somalia?" was very disturbing,until I've arrived,the thing that happened was that I saw interesting lives,I saw people living life really simple (more likely old-fashioned lifestyle), never have I thought that I would be SO interested. Most people who smiled the most were the people who you would expect to not smile at all(the people who had less, smiled the most). People live there with fresh everything for an example fresh oxygen(I'm serious,it was so fresh that you could tell the difference..and yeah I actually said fresh oxygen)fresh food with no chemicals (meaning,grew with no chemicals in it) fresh meat that was killed same day you eat (killed is very intense word but I didn't knew what to say :/). You see people with fresh mindset,they think outside the box,they give you amazing ideas. People wanted to know what it is like to live in other countries in the world but I guess I also wanted to know what is like living in Somalia.
My time there was all I needed, I found myself and who I wanted to be. I guess everybody needs to go to somewhere new or somewhere they haven't been for so long because as a human you need to see how other people live because you'll get a new perspective on how you see life.