There is a saying that tells us that distance force us to love harder. And boy does this speak to my heart. Since the 1st of September 2017, my heart has been beating a little harder, and a little faster for someone special... YOU.

Distance can be such a negative loaded word, and is often thought of as a barrier. I think otherwise, the word distance gave me a ray of hope. Because when long distance relationships work, they're the best sorts of beautiful. Distance gives us a reason to love harder, and fight harder - cause in the end we have something to gain. We have miles to fight through, and closeness to fight for.

We put our entire beings into these relationships, and although you might not be able to hold hands, or hug, these things will never be taken for granted. Of course there's days that are harder than others. The not knowing is what strikes the hardest. Not knowing if they're with another person, not knowing if the feelings are ebbing away, and not knowing when the days spent together will be next. But to all the ones out there dealing with long distance, this is why long distance is worth it:

Long distance relationships do not rely on physical love. They are driven by the love that inspires your heart, mind and soul. It's cause distance is not for the fearful, it's for the bold. And because distance means so little, when someone means so much. Cause in the end, good things are worth the wait ♡


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I've arrived in Canada, and all is well... That's a lie. ALL IS PERFECT!

I'm sorry that it has taken me some time to update the blog, but I decided that I wanted to take a break from it the first week I was here. So far Canada has been a dream, it's been everything that I could ever wish for, and more. It's taken me a good six days to properly get adjusted to the jetlag and such, but I've been taken care of in the best way possible. (I'll tell be telling the story of how I ended up here in another blogpost, and introduce you to the people I'm going to be spending six weeks with. So stay tuned!)

The first week in Canada has consisted of lots of coffee, having fun at the mall - and just admiring how everything is so different to Norway. But I love it, I absolutely love it. And I could definitely get used to this.

Happy camper to say the least! :)

Tomorrow we're headed to the mall to pick up some last minute bits and pieces, for our road - trip on Wednesday. We'll set our noses towards the mountains, and we'll be visiting a lovely town in Alberta, called Banff. I'm so stoked to get to the mountains. Stay tuned for more pictures, and upcoming adventures. You won't miss it!

- xo Ida




Hey amazing people!

Today I thought I wanted to show you what's in my camera bag (which is actually a lie - cause I don't even own a camera bag) What you'll learn about me, is that I'm not high maintenance when it comes to my gear. I think photography is all about how you make the best out of what you have. Of course a decent camera will help for quality, but having older gear, or not the newest model should not stop you from being creative. If you read yourself up on lighting, settings, and play with the camera you have - you're already golden!

I've been doing photography since I was 12 years old, and borrowed my dads old camera. It wasn't until 2006 that I bought my very first DSLR. And in 2010 where I bought the camera I have now. And if you want one more tip before we dive into my camera essentials. Invest in the lenses, and remember to HAVE FUN!

* Camera - Nikon D300s (2009 model): As I mentioned, the camera I have now I got back in 2009. So this means it should be 9 years old this year. It's still going strong, and have been my trusty companion on many amazing adventures. And yes, it do understand that it might sound contradicting when I say that I'm looking to upgrade my camera. Get me wrong; I LOVE my camera - it's easy, and I know almost all the settings by now. But... It's not full frame. Which means that the camera has a sensor that's the same size as a frame of traditional 35mm film, measuring 36x24mm. I've been wanting a full frame for a while now, and it's looking like Sony might be the option for me - as I can still use all my lenses, it's lightweight, smaller and such awesome quality. And since my camera is almost 9 years old, it's not doing very well with a higher ISO, and sometimes the quality of the pictures is just not the best.

* Lens - NIKKOR 50mm f. 1,8: Ah, lenses! *insert heart eyes emoji* Lenses is such a personal thing when it comes to photography. But for me, I've alway been a HUGE fan of prime lenses. What is a prime lens you say? A prime lens is either a photographic lens whose focal length is fixed, as opposed to a zoom lens, or it is the primary lens in a combination lens system. The 50mm f. 1,8 lens is my all time favorite lens. It's fast, it's sharp - and the bokeh is stunning. I truly wished that Nikon would make a f.1,2, but I guess that's not happening in the nearest future. This is my go-to lens, and I've shot everything from portraits, plants, landscape, products and flat lays with this bad boy. And a huge plus is that it's one of the cheaper options on the market, so you get a great product for less money. Win-Win!

*Memory Cards: I always bring some extra memory cards with me. In case I run out of space. I have some different one, from different brands, but recently I discovered the ones from Lexar - which I truly enjoy using. They're super fast, and holds a lot of memory. Yes they're more on the higher price side, but definitely worth the money.

*Instax Mini 8: This camera is mostly for fun. The instant camera is a type of camera which uses self-developing film to create a chemically developed print shortly after taking the picture. The quality sucks, but OH HOW FUN it is to use. Besides, sometimes you want to hold those special moments in your hand right away. And you can easily hang them later as great reminders of all the fun you had. Write the date and place on them, and you have a great collection of photos that you can look back on. Cause let's be honest, how many of us print out our pictures these days? I know I'm not... Which is quite sad tbh. Maybe this should be a goal for 2018? Hm.. I think so :)

*Fujifilm Superia ISO 200 film: This is basically film for my Nikon F801 camera (not pictured) I used to own a Pentax 35mm camera, that I got from my grandpa - and I fell in love with film. Unfortunately that camera is now gone, and we have NO IDEA where it is. So last year I bought a Nikon F-801 is a 35mm film SLR autofocus electronic camera. I still haven't used it to this day, but I do think that I will bring this along with me to Canada. Let's see.. The Fujifilm Superia (I like to shoot with 200 ISO film, just a personal preference) is my favorite go-to film, and I really like the tones of the film. Fujifilm are really good with colors, and their tones are usually top notch.

*External Hard Drive/USB C - Port: I'm usually a pretty organized person, and can sometimes be a neat freak. But when it comes to backing up my pictures, I've been the worst. Until recently, when I lost over 400 pics. ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR PICTURES PEOPLE! This should actually be the first thing you do, when you import your pictures, import and backup. My hard drive is a WD My Passport 2TB, I got this as a recommandation from my boyfriend. So that's why I got it. But I really like the color, and the size of it :) Satechi Type C USB Passthrough is a USB Hub for my MacBook Pro. Since I got the newest model, I have to use this, since Apple has changed the outlets, and there's no longer a slot for the memory card. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that I hate these "dongles" (that's what they're called) and I also dislike Apple for changing the outlets.

A huge applaus to you, if you're now at the bottom. And also, thanks for checking out my blog. The next time you'll hear from me, I'll be in Canada - and I can't wait to bring you along on that journey. I'm so stoked.

Have a great sunday everyone!

- xx Ida




So.. I'm trying my best to not neglect this blog, but there's been some busy days in my household the last couple of days. I'm leaving for Canada in 2 days, and I'm almost done packing and writing down everything I need to remember (control freak? I think so, haha)

I always like to feel comfy, and try to make the best out of my plane rides, especially on long haul flights. It's going to take me almost 10 hours to get to Canada, and 14 hours in total. So therefore I need to make sure that my inflight essentials are on point. Here are some must haves, when I'm out traveling:

*Music: I ALWAYS bring my iPod. And yes, I'm that nerd that likes to have all my music on an iPod. I either listen to some pre-made playlists, or some kick ass podcasts. (These I have mentioned in a previous post) You can find my spotify here , if you want to make your ears happy.

*Facespray (AD)/Facemask: Please keep your face hydrated. That plane air will soak up all your moisture, and make you age by 5 years (that was joke), but seriously. Hydrate your face, and drink lots of water. Facespray from here Facemask from here

*Dry Shampoo: Since you want be able to shower on a plane, dry shampoo can make you feel fresh by just one spritz. It makes your hair look flawless, and even adds a nice scent.

*Perfume/Deodorant: No, I don't bring my whole bottle.  But I do use a travel version of my perfume, cause I do like to smell good when it's time for touchdown. Fun fact, I have a weird fear about not smelling good, so I always have a perfume of some sorts in my bag. We don't want no stinky BO up in here!

*Watch: Call me old school. But I like to keep track of time, both on my phone and my wrist. Deal with it! My watch is from Triwa, and you can find it here

*Read: To make the hours bearable, I always bring something to read. I always have a book handy, so I can make those hours go by faster. I truly enjoy reading, and it also makes me get sleepy so much faster. So it's basically a win-win situation. HURRAY!

*Lipbalm/Ointment: We always want kissable lips am I right? MOISTURISE is key! The ointment can basically be used on anything from scars, burns, cuticles, hands, dry elbows and etc.. It's from Lucas Paw Paw - and it's my JAM! I buy mine from Ebay. 

Also in my inflight luggage, but not pictured: MacBook - sleeping mask - gum - water - some snack of sorts - socks (if it gets cold) - glasses - medicine - hands sanitizer - toothbrush/paste and camera equipment.

Hope this was a fun little post. And if you want, leave a comment telling me some of your favs to bring when you're on a plane - I would love to hear. 

See ya later alligators :) 





HEY LOVELY PEOPLE! How are you on this fine, but pretty freezing monday?

Today I spent the day in Oslo with one of my best friends, Jenny. It was so nice seeing her before I leave for Canada - and also really nice to catch up with her, and hear about her recent trip to Scotland.

One of my favorite things about Jenny, is that we actually met just a year ago. But it feels like we've known each other for years. She's the type of friend that I know will always be there. We don't have to talk every day, but when we first catch up - or see each other.. it doesn't feel like ages since the last time we talked. Our friendship is not complicated whatsoever, it's chill... and just nice. Which I highly appreciate. We share a lot of the same interests, and we always have something to talk about. We can laugh, make jokes - but we can also have those good conversations. The staying up until 2pm and talk convos, and THIS is what I like about our friendship. Cause friendships like that are rare. It's like that saying: "We'll be friends until we're old and senile, and then we'll be new friends" :)

Jenny took me to a hidden gem today, to a café in Oslo called "Bare Jazz". It was such a neat little space. "Bare Jazz" can be found in Grensen 8, and consist of a record store with only Jazz music and then the second floor is a café. They play only jazz music, and the atmosphere was so laidback and kinda vintage. I fell in love with the tiles, and the hardwood floor at this place. It reminded me a little about a jazz club you probably would find in New York, but a lot more quiet.

After spending some time at the café it was time to head out again. This time we headed for a record store named: "Råkk & Rålls which you can find at Stortingsgata 8". One of the interests me and Jenny share (besides photography), is the passion for music. I love when people really pay attention to what they're listening to. And I know Jenny does. She can always tell me some quirky detail about a lyric, or some strange facts about a band or artist. Which I love. She pays attention to details, and she loves to share them with others. Probably why she's so good at holding a conversation as well. Cause you get easily fascinated by her.

It's fair to say that today has been a good day. It's always nice to catch up with good friends. Now it's time for me to get some dinner in my belly, and also find some clothes to wash. Which I'll probably bring to Canada.

Have a nice evening lovelies!

- xx




Hi People!

I've been sort of busy today. Celebrating one of our family members turning 18 years old. So there's not been that much time to blog today. But, I wanted to remind you guys that you can also follow my Instagram at @idawangen where I do post most of my pictures.

Oh.. And if you've already forgotten.. My trip to Canada is just 8 days away.. EEEEK! So excited!

I wish everyone the best week - let's start it with a smile.

- xx




Here's 5 things that I'm thankful for today:

♡ 9 days, and I'll be in Canada

♡ Mittens. It's so freaking cold today, and my mittens saved my cold fingers from actually freeze to death today

♡ Sweatpants. After a long day at work, what's better than slipping into a pair of sweats? You tell me.

♡ Mom. I'm thankful for my mom everyday. But today she bought me my favorite chocolate. And for that I will be forever thankful. Mom, you're the best.

♡Podcasts. I love listening to podcasts, it's a cool way to expand your mind, and makes me want to be even more creative.

And here's some of my favorite Podcasts:

Estee Lalonde: The Heart of It

Dissect A Serialized Music Podcast



Have the best weekend

- xx




"Tonight I'll look up at the moon, and I will know that somewhere, you are looking at it too. Cause no matter how far apart we are, you and I share the same sky - that's how I sleep at night. "✨🌙



I've always been a huge bookworm, and if there's something that makes me unwind, it's scrolling the isles in a bookstore - or at the library. There's simply nothing that beats the smell of books.

I can basically read anything, but lately I've been more into modern poetry, but also fiction. Here's some of the current books I've been reading (+ some old ones) that I can highly recommend:

RUPI KAUR - "MILK AND HONEY" & "THE SUN AND HER FLOWERS": Rupi Kaur is a Canadian poet, writer, illustrator and performer. She's only 25 years old, and her first poetry book has already sold millions of copies around the world. I first picked up: "Milk and Honey" a couple of years ago, and I fell in love with her words instantly. Her newest book "The Sun and Her Flowers" is also a collection of poetry, where her book is divided into five chapters: "wilting", "falling", "rooting", "rising" and "blooming". And as her first book, it's a book that celebrates all the forms of love.

I know a lot of you are probably thinking meh... when you hear the word, poetry. But what I love about Rupi's poetry, is that they are empowering, and highly modern. You learn a lot about yourself whilst reading her words, and also how to learn to accept who you are, and to love yourself.

The fact that she draws inspiration from other people's stories and experiences, as well as her own makes the book even more personal. And last, but not least... Her books are aslo filled with stunning hand-drawn illustrations, just as a little cherry on top

EMILY LOCKHART - "WE WERE LIARS" "We Were Liars" is a young adult novel, published in 2014, by E. Lockhart. She's an American writer of children's picture books, young-adult novels, and adult fiction.

"We Were Liars" begins with a story told by Cadence Sinclair, which is also the book's protagonist. We follow her thoughts throughout the book, as family drama and secrets starts to reveal itself. "We Were Liars" focuses on the theme of self-acceptance, family morals, and the possibly-deadly consequences of one's mistakes. It is centered on the wealthy, seemingly perfect Sinclair family, who spend every summer gathered on their private island.

What I loved about this book, is how vividly Lockhart manages to paint a picture. She's really good with words, and whilst reading this book - I truly felt that I took a part in the story and all the events happening on the island. Highly recommend.

WILL DARBYSHIRE - "THIS MODERN LOVE" Oh, love... "This Modern Love" is a book project by the 23 year old british vlogger and Youtuber, Will Darbyshire. Will is one of the Youtubers that I've been following from the beginning. So when I heard about his book project, I had to pick it up. "This Modern Love" is a unique crowdsourced book of letters, stories, and photographs about the state of modern romance submitted by his audience. Posting a series of questions via his YouTube, Twitter and Instagram channels, Will asked his followers to share their innermost thoughts about their relationship experiences, in the form of hand-written letters, poems, photographs, and emails.

I'm a huge sucker for romance, and you might also call me a romantic. You've been warned, but this book will rip your heart into pieces, and put it back together. What I love most about this book is how real it is, it's a true portrait of individual desires, resentments and fears that reminds us that, whether we're in or out of love, we're not alone. And that we all seek the same... LOVE.

"Love in the modern age is a complex idea. We’re more connected than we’ve ever been, but with that comes its own set of problems."

If you read any of these, please let me know. And feel free to leave me a comment with books that I need to read. Have a great one.


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The travel bug is getting to me, and in 14 days from today, and I'm going to be landing in Canada!!!

I'm SO excited for this trip, and I can't wait to explore Canada for the first time in my life. The other day I was nerdy enough to buy a map, and I've been crossing off some of places that I I'm dying to visit. Oh, Alberta - you are a beaut!

I'm bringing my camera, and I'm also going to be blogging the whole time I'm there. I'm really stoked to take you guys with me on my adventures, and showing you what I'll be up to on a daily basis.

I'll be staying in Canada for six weeks, and I'm so excited to be exploring the mountains, see all the snow, and not to mention... Tim Hortons.

I'm not going to be telling you the reason I'm going to Canada just yet, so I guess you should just stay tuned...

And btw.. If you have any suggestions, or wishes for blog posts that I should do in the future, please let me know in the comments. I'm thinking that I might do a post about my camera gear, if that would be of any interest? Until next time, stay golden people!

- xx



In collaboration with Magnor Glassverk

As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day - it gets you going, and can make you go from zero to hero in seconds. I'm not the biggest chef, and you probably won't find me in the kitchen. BUT... I can't function without a proper breakfast, and I don't mind spending some extra time on the weekends, making a proper meal. I like meals that can save me some time, but at the same time are healthy, and tasty. I usually go for oatmeal, eggs on toast or banana pancakes for breakfast. And today I want to share my banana pancakes recipe with you. It's super quick, tasty and healthy - and a proper way to kickstart your day!

You're gonna need:

* 1 banana

* 1 1/2 cup of oats

* 1 egg

* Cinnamon (optional)

* Cardamom (optional)

* Vanilla sugar (optional)

* Butter (optional)

Put the banana in a bowl, and mash it with a fork. Mash until smooth, or you can leave some pieces, and you will get a more lumpy texture. Depending on how you'd like it. Add the egg and the oats, and mix together. Sometimes I like to use a hand blender to mix it all together - as this will make the batter more fluffy.

The next step is optional, but I like to add some cinnamon, cardamom and some vanilla sugar to bump up the taste. After you've mixed all your ingredients together, it's time to heat up your frying pan. I like to skip the butter for a healthier option, but if you'd like to add some butter that's totally fine - it will make the batter easier to flip and it will add a more salty crust.

The pancakes don't need a lot of heat - I like to go for a medium heat - as I've found this works the best. It will take cost you a few more seconds, but they won't burn. It's time to flip the pancakes when they're starting to make a tiny crust around the edges.

When the pancakes are done, it's time to add the toppings you'd like, here's some option that I like to mix up:

* Cottage cheese

* Coconut flakes

* Strawberry jam

* Honey

* Nuts

* Berries

* Peanutbutter

* Natrena granular for some added sweetness (optional)



Tablewear : Tiljen by Magnor Glassverk - Tea Light Holder: Happy by Magnor Glassverk



When I went to the Faroes with Jenny, we spent a lot of our time in the car. Driving around the island, butterflies in our stomachs before arriving at our next destination. I don’t know about you, but for me these are the moments that will forever stick with me. We laughed, and we talked about the future - as we listened to music that now only reminds me of this tiny island between the Norwegian Sea and The North Atlantic.

And it’s funny how sound, taste, or a certain smell can remind you of a certain place. All I know is that I wouldn’t be without it. This place is now a memory of the sound of “Dust In The Wind” by Kansas, the taste of Chocolate Chip Cookies in the afternoon and the smell of the salty rumbling ocean crashing against the majestic cliff-sides. Remember to look back people, cause then you’ll also remember the good stuff.

Sørvágsvatn 62°03′N 7°14′W is the largest lake in the Faroe Island. And although my pictures are not taken at one of the most "famous" places at Sørvágsvatn, this was one of my absolute favorite moments from the trip.

We headed to Sørvágsvatn pretty early in the morning, and again we had the weather gods on our side. I've never been filled with such serenity and peace, as I was at this place. The sun greated us with warmth, and some pretty epic lights. There's in moments like these, when it is important to put away your phone, and just be. To just EXIST! Listen to the silence, and soak up the beauty that this world has to offer. That's the moments I live for. Well that, and some kick ass pizza..

Funningur 62°17′17″N 6°58′2″W Ah, Funningur! Such a majestic place - I've never seen anything like it in my whole life. Funningur is a village on the Faroe Islands - it's located on the northwest coast of Eysturoy and is famous for its majestic mountains surrounding the village.

When Jenny first asked me to join her on her trip to Faroes, Funningur was one of the places that popped into my mind of what I could not wait to experience. I'd seen so many pictures of this place on the Internet, and on Instagram. But seeing it with your own eyes was simply mind blowing. How can nature be this awesome? Although this place is kinda secluded from road, the hike was SO worth it. I'm guessing that being good girls do pay off, cause Jenny and I were pretty lucky with the weather on our trip. As we were about to step out on the edge of the mountain at Funningur, the sky decided to crack open, and give us a glimpse of the most gorgeous light.

I want to give a special thanks to Jenny, for asking me to join her on this trip. It's been one of my favorites so far. You are simply golden girlie. So thank you! We made memories that I'll cherish forever, and I can't wait to go back to the Faroe Islands during spring/summer. If you have some questions about the Faroes, feel free to pop me a comment, and I'll answer as good as I can :) Have a great weekend people. Stay awesome!

- xx



Do you know when you travel, and you fall in love with a place - and it just feel like home momentarily​? THAT was Faroe Island to me, I fell in love - and I fell hard and fast. It's such a stunning place, from majestic peaks, to rumbling water falls. Me and my friend stayed on the Island from 28th of December, until 3rd of January. And I have so many great memories from this trip. Here's some of my favorite moments, and places!

SAKSUN: Saksun is a village near the northwest coast of the Faroese island of Streymoy. The village is famous for its church and museum. The Museum occupies a seventeenth-century farm house called Dúvugarður. The house belongs to the Dúvugarður farm, and is still an active sheep farm. The farmhouse in Saksun is amongst one of the most photographed places on the Island. And if you search up Saksun, you'll see why. The view is breathtaking. I took a lot of pictures of the farmhouse while I was there, but I feel like there's something more special about capturing the places that are not mainstream or standard to what everyone else photographs. The picture above is one of my favorites from the trip, cause it was such a special moment to me. Me and Jenny decided to enter the valley of Saksun, and when you get down into the valley, you'll see this opening in the mountains, that leads to the open sea. It was such a surreal experience, just me and my friend - alone. Nothing but the sound of rain, and the rumbling ocean ahead of us. It was perfect.

Gásadalur is also a village located on the west side of Vágar, Faroe Islands, and holds a panoramic view over to the island of Mykines. Gásadalur is located on the edge of Mykinesfjørður, surrounded by the highest mountains on Vágar.

Arriving to Gásadalur was like stepping into a fairytale. We were greated with the prettiest light, and we had the most perfect conditions this day. This is a place where it can be foggy, but we were pretty lucky with our views this day. Yes it was a tad windy, and it didn't start to rain/snow until after it was time for us to leave. Gásadalur is most famous for its majestic waterfall, and steep cliffsides. I'll never forget this view, And fun fact, this was the first waterfall I've ever witnessed in real life.

Part 2 is coming tomorrow - so stay tuned! Happy friday, people :)




At the end of December in 2017 I made one of my favorite trips of all time, to the Faroe Islands - together with one of my best friends. I fell in love with this magical island. There's just something about this place that brings peace to your soul, and calms your mind. You've heard great things about this place, but there's something special to see it and experience it yourself. I thought that I would do a two part blog post about my stay on the island, and also share my tips on the places you should visit. I'll be doing the blog posts in both Norwegian and English, so stay tuned until tomorrow for the first post.

- xx



Since I'm starting this blog fresh, I thought it would be nice to do some get to know me facts. I've already done one of these over on my Instagram, which you can follow me @idawangen. So here's 5 (NEW) facts about me...

1. I have a soft spot for the Botanical Gardens. And usually when I'm out traveling the Botanical Gardens is my number one priority to visit.

2. I have to listen to music every single day.

3. I graduated school in June 2017. And I'm actually a goldsmith. 

4. One of the things I truly enjoy to shoot is overgrown walls - as you can see above. I have a thing with walls that have plants growing on them. They just make awesome photos tbh, and it's so fascinating with the textures and different colors. LOVE IT.

5. I always have my head in the clouds, and sometimes people can talk to me - and they have to repeat everything they just said, TWICE! Yes, I'm always living in my own little world, and I like it there.

- xx



Besides having photography as a huge passion in my life, I also do love some quality skincare. I've been struggling with severe acne for many years, until I got some medication for it, when I was 22 years old. What I've learned over the years, is that I need to take care of my skin, and treat it the right way. So when I find products that works for me, I usually stick by it. Shopmonta is one of those brands. They're vegan, 100% cruelty free, and natural. I'm totally obsessed with the Joshua Tree Desert Mist - it's so refreshing and smells like peppermint. Besides enjoying the face mist, I also love the Aromatherapy rollerballs - which are great to use after doing yoga or meditation, as they calm you down, and make you feel happy and energized.




There's always something nice about starting fresh, and at the same time challenging yourself. 2018 started out with a bang, with a trip to the Faroe Islands alongside one of my best friends. I already have some cool upcoming projects, and in February I'm headed to Canada for six weeks. So when I saw the #nouw30daychallenge I thought this would be a great opportunity to challenge myself even further, creatively... and start a blog. This blog will be a place where I can put my creativity to the test, but also share my adventures and everyday life with those who would like to tag along. I'm excited to see what this challenge will bring, and I'm also excited to see if I can grow as a photographer and storyteller. Cheers to starting fresh, and to making 2018 the best year possible! - xx