du får vad du betalar för

Since we will travel and we want to make sure that my daughter will eat nothing but healthy ,organic food we will bring these super great babyfood with us.

I highly recommend these brand because it is:

Organic vegetables , meat

Made in Sweden

NO salt , sugar, preservatives and concentrated ingredients



HIGHLY NUTRITIOUS for our little one.

The price is not that cheap it cost between 16-18 swedish crowns ,But ofcourse you get what you pay for.

With regards to LOVEMADE baby food ;My daughter really love the taste . We have tried other baby food products but this product made us decide to switch to only nothing but LOVEMADE food . My daughter is 9mos. old now but I can feed her lovemade for 12 mos.because the difference is just the consistency and texture of the food. I actually tried it and it is delicious (taste like an adult food) except for the fact that it lacks salt 😆 Otherwise it is really a babyfood to try for. 😊

And for the Alex and Phil Smoothie and Gröt Imust say that this product taste like no other but natural ingredients . So tasty🤗

We truly love these 2 products and a must have esp. for travelling and essential food on the go .

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