Wait a minute?! Did I blink and miss out on something... I dont know If I want to be involving you about My Trump Opinion...
But I got a whole book about the tragedy Of the year! Who in their right minds voted for this insane man?

If you are on My friends list... well you know the math... remove yourselves or I Will build a Wall... WTF... no I would never do such a thing... everyone has their right to express what they think... although If your opinion differ from mine in this matter We probably Aint got that much in common then...

This is just a slight preview Of what I think about this whole circus... well I havent Said anything specific but thats for another day to come...

Curious about the future but furious about how We have allowed to get ourselves in this vulnerable state.... to be continued... Bye bye and Good night

Coconut kisses from the one and only Cataleya!

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A new beginning, a new life, a new job, a new world, a new Idea...

I would Love to have the answer to Everything in life but that would make life boring I guess knowing all the answers in Advance!

Sending lots Of Coconut love!!

See ya around in 2017! ❤️



Been offline for a couple Of weeks, but now I am back Again... Hopefully I havent lost the few followers I had, Bare With me I Will be all over your screen soon Again!! *ironically speaking*

Coconut kisses... xoxo Cataleya Coconut



I just did the most insane lentil soup ever!! Its not far from My original recipe but this really kicked some ass... pardon My language!!!

And the best part is that tomorrow its even more kick ass, cause soup always tastes best the day after!!

Its really easy to make, and all vegan...

Lentils, onion, garlic, chili, coconut cream, sweet potatoes, olive oil, crushed tomates, Vegetable bouillon, salt, pepper, Water and some Love!

Empty Bowl says it all!



My phone is going Bonkers since the update...😬 oh well... guess its strike three on My Bad luck list...

From now on things can only get better...

Silent night...all is calm all is bright...

Finish off my evening With some Coconut shake...

Buona notte, laku noc, İyi geceler, good night!



I wake up every morning happy to be Alive and I am thankful that I am able to walk, talk, smile, cry and express all My emotions...

What If i woke up one day and all Of my emotions were gone? What would My life look like without all the laughter and all the tears?

Would I still be thankful that I am Alive?
Without emotions there would be nothing to worry about... Everything would be blank...would life be as fun without it?

#emotions #emotional #life #philosophic #sun #love #enjoythelittlethings #grateful #alive #morning



A city covered in snow is really beautiful but a scenario that We all dread every year is the slask..

The most hated Word in Sweden is slask... Slask is the Swedish Word for Slush...Frosty icey snow that thawes and carefully mixes With mud by the stomping Of feet and blends to perfection by tires...

Always yummy to step into a puddle Of slask!! Welcome to Sweden!😊

#slask #snow #winter #beautiful #morning



Its not the first time its snowing in this country and yet its the same scenario Every time it happens!!

I got stuck in traffic this morning for Almost Two hours and once I got off the bus i was stuck Again! This time outside in the snow!!

Fell and hit My elbow and knee while trying to find a solution to get home, I Owe a big thanks to some Guy who gave me a ride back home...I wouldnt have Made it back in one piece If it wasnt for him!

My Faith in humanity is Again restored...

I Love when its snowing Coconuts...



Coconut shake and some almonds...Late night snack for an insomniac like me...

Countdown begins tonight...Who Will win? Insomnia or I?
Just kidding... Hillary vs Trump is a real headache... We Will wake up to experience a first...
First Female president or first Clown President?

I vote Cataleya for President instead!

#president #usa

Thank you and Goodnight!

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Winter Wonderland is staring at me from outside the Window...The traffic this morning was chaos...Everybody Acts like they've never seen snow before...

I wouldnt Mind being a bear right now and sleep through the entire winter season but since thats not the case I Will just have to make it through somehow without the hibernation!

And here is one way to get through the winter season:

Have you tried The worlds best Socks and Tights by Calzedonia, straight from The number one country Of Fashion, Italy? Lucky me that I am working at Calzedonia and wont have to freeze This winter now that I have all these amazing socks to choose from!
I rock My socks everyday With style!

So get yourself to your nearest shop and Dont miss out the opportunity right now to get your Goodiebag With every purchase above 259 SEK...

Calzedonia can be found in 6 malls around Stockholm

Täby Centrum
Mall Of Scandinavia
Sickla Köpkvarter


Tonight I am rocking My legwarmers from Calzedonias FALL/WINTER -16 collection!!

Nope, I know what you are all thinking...but this was not sponsored...this Message came straight from the heart! ❤️



Doesnt the title Sound a little bit like a band name from the 80's?

Well, I Will make My first appearance here short!

The following posts İn my blog Will have more substance, make sense and some logic...

For now I Will leave you wondering what struck you...

Yours truly/ Cataleya