Good afternoon, sweetsnouts 😗

This was from 6.40 o'clock this morning 😍.

Now after a Couples of hours Im sitting in my garden chair and relaxes, Reading a book and drinking coffee and a Coca cola (half full of water, half full of coca cola). I've written lists about my garden so now Im gonna get started with the raised beds and doing a vegetable garden from scratch. In that Im gonna put in corns, beans, squash, potatoes, petunias and some other flowers.

All of my seedlings, plants and a few bushes and roses are out on the porch for som needed sunlight. I still have a flare-up that has'nt stopped for two weeks now exept for the day after I took me weekly biological shot. So im swelling up with fluids (gaining weight as fast speed), sweating like, its crazy, you cant even imagine. My body is like: fuck this lets be an ocean instead!
I have more pain everywhere, problems with my tendons and muscles - everything.

Aaaand, since my soulmate lover are in pains too since he was sick but still am, I cannot go to the store to by stuff I cant live without and for the animals too. My sister in law are maybe gonna buy for me, bless her kind soul! But its hard being sick all the fucking time and with no drivers license and then has to depend on people all the time. I hate it.

So I do thing i CAN do - like gardening. Which is what Im going to do now. I promise to share the end result for you, guys. Bye for now 😊

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Take care - Jess

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