"No one tells you being an adult would be this hard"
"I was not prepared for this"
"Adulting is impossible, why did no one warn me?!"

We were all warned. Being an adult is tough. The first 20 years of our lives is us being prepared for the rest of it. We have all been caught up in the excitement of planning our futures that we don't take in the fact that this is real life. At least I didn't. After recently graduating, I packed up and readied myself for "the rest of my life". Going back to the state in which I was born has been exciting, stressful, and (did I say?) exciting. Having spent most of my life in upstate New York, I was not prepared for the exciting new world of city life. Instantly, I fell in love. I love the rush of people, all with different purposes, I love the fact that even though there's 30 people waiting in line at Starbucks, it still never takes more than 10 minutes, I love the fact that I don't need to drive anywhere because of this lovely thing called the Metro, and most importantly, I love the amount of opportunity. Connections are on every corner (along with Starbucks), and I could not be more intrigued.

So yes, as I complained that I was not prepared for where life has taken me, I have finally taken in the beauty of learning and exploring new things. Although a part of me is still stressed about building a life for myself, I have learned to make this stressor my friend and embrace the life going on around me.


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Happy Weekend! <3

I thought for this post I would share one of my favorite recovery meals with you. Waffles are considered a food group in my diet 😜 and they make for great long run recovery fuel!

For this particular recipe I used Zemas Cocoa Teff Pancake & Waffle Mix and added a scoop of my Vega One Vanilla protein! The best thing about waffles is that you can top them with what ever fruits/granola/nut butter you want!

Not pictured--another waffle & endless amounts of coffee--

Have a great weekend!




Happy February loves!

I thought I would kick off the #nouw30daychallenge by doing a post about someone who inspires me. This week, Abbey D'Agostino. She is an American long distance runner with a heart and smile that is three times the size of the average person. I'm sure many of you watched the Olympic Games and have heard the story of the true sportsmanship between Abbey and Nikki Hamblin. After an unfortunate collision during the 5,000m race, Abbey did something not every athlete would have done, helping her competition, Nikki, get back on her feet, all the while having torn her ACL.

Being a long distance runner myself, this was a truly inspiring story for me. She is well-known across the world as the girl that fell during the Olympics, but to me she is much more than that. Having had surgery and months of physical therapy, Abbey had nothing but good spirits and ambition.

“I want to go about this healing process with a sense of freedom that will benefit my relationship with running and my passion for it."

Anyone who is a runner knows that it is (at least) 90% mental, 10% physical. That's with anything in life. As long as you believe you can do something, you can put in the work and make it happen. Abbey has not taken this injury for granted, she is using it as a way to reconnect with the sport, her passion, running.

"I feel a lot more freedom in respect to it and it’s been an opportunity to align my priorities in a way that ignites my passion for running..."




Hi guys!

I had a few requests for my energy ball recipe so here it is!


1 cup of pumpkin seeds (or any nut of choice)

1 cup of medjool dates (I soaked mine in warm water for about 5-10 minutes to soften)

1 TBSP of coconut oil

1 TBSP of cocoa powder

1 TBSP of hemp protein

1 TBSP of milled chia seeds

dash of sea salt to taste (optional)

Blend all ingredients in a food processor or blender, roll into balls. Enjoy!

Mine made about 10 balls, but depending on the size, that may vary. <3



For all my runners out there, I'm sure most of you have heard of the newest cookbook "Run Fast Eat Slow" by world class marathoner Shalane Flanagan and chef Elyse Kopecky. For all of you who haven't heard of it, I recommend you go pick yourself up a copy! It's full of recipes for proper fueling as well as training tips. The recipe I started with was these SuperHero Muffins...which were AMAZING. I'm hoping to eventually make my way through the whole book..but there's so many delicious recipes it's going to take me a while ;)

The thing I love most about this book is that it is intended to fuel you for your optimal performance with recipes like these SuperHero Muffins, Can't Beet Me Smoothie, Kale Raddichio Salad With Farro, and for those of you with a sweet tooth; Double Chocolate Teff Cookies :)

If I haven't convinced you yet, check out their website and order a copy!





Recently I have been battling with injury, for the fourth time in a row, and feeling less motivated than ever. Running has always been one of my passions in life, and with out it I wouldn't be where I am today. I recently started reading up on things I can do to prevent as well as aid in recovering my injury.

One of the most important aspects in recovery is nutrition. An article posted by Runners Connect discusses how you can speed up your injury healing by eating certain foods:

Foods rich in vitamin C: (citrus, berries, peppers, broccoli.) Builds new proteins for skin, scar tissue, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels.

Vitamin A: (carrots, squash, sweet potatoes): Promotes production of white blood cells which fight off infection and viruses.

Omega 3 fatty acids: (salmon, flax seeds, walnuts): Reduce inflammation.

Zinc: (oysters, nuts, seeds, chicken): Will help keep the immune system strong, as well as protection from other viruses.

Protein: (grass fed beef, chicken, and eggs): Protein is essential shortly after the injury occurs for multiple processes. How well the injury heals is determined by how well protein is restored after becoming inured.

I learned a lot from this article: https://runnersconnect.net/running-nutrition-articles/diet-for-injured-runner/

And I recommend giving it a read if you are injured and are at a loss. Even if you are healthy, these foods can help to prevent injuries, keep you healthy, and keep you happy :)

~~~Images top to bottom:

1)When I was healthy and running in sunny myrtle beach

2)Almond crusted salmon, sautéed spinach, sweet potato w/ almond butter

3)Cinnamon roasted butternut squash with coconut oil.

4)Sweet potato/black bean burger, sautéed spinach and diced avocado.

Happy hump day!




​I'm sure you've heard this over and over, but that means it's probably true!  Skipping breakfast can lead to lack of energy and concentration throughout the day.  It can also help maintain your healthy body weight as well as boost your metabolism.  So if you are trying to lose weight, DON'T SKIP OUT.  

That being said, that doesn't mean eating a chocolate croissant and bacon for breakfast will help you to maintain that healthy body weight.

Above are a few of my usual breakfasts including:

1.  1/4 a cup of rolled oats with a  scoop of plain non-fat greek yogurt, chia seeds, cacao nibs, a chopped dark chocolate sea salt kashi bar, and a TBSP of low-fat peanut butter (always)

2. 1/2 a cup of rolled oats, milled flax seeds, goji berries, half a banana, aaand (can ya guess?) 1 TBSP peanut butter (low-fat)

3. slice of ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread, 1 TBSP ALMOND butter (this time), banana and strawberry slices, & a side of scrambled eggs

4. now this ones complicated ;) This was "on the road" cup of fruit I got at the gas station.  I was actually pretty impressed the fruit was so fresh!

These are just a few examples of how EASY it is to have a healthy, energizing breakfast to start your day!




We all deserve a reward every once in a while. The key is moderation 😋🔑




I love coffee more than your average Joe (no pun intended). But did you know coffee can actually enhance performance? I read an interesting article submitted by Runners World, which I read daily. The article discusses the ways coffee can ultimately improve performance:

--About an hour before performance, an athlete typically needs 3-6mg (no more) of caffeine for it to take effect.--

I always thought coffee could do detrimental dehydration to the body, especially before a huge performance/workout. "Studies have found drinking up to about five cups of coffee has little to no effect on hydration."

Not only can coffee help to fuel your performance, but also enhances the recovery process. Glycogen stores are broken down during an intense session, with the help of a mixture of carbohydrates/protein and caffeine, these glycogen stores can be replenished.

Moral of the story:

drink more coffee..which shouldn't be a problem 😉

(Basically I just needed to justify the amount of coffee I drink ☕)

Have a great weekend! ☀

I recommend giving the article a read: 👇






One of the biggest changes I've made over the years is my eating habits. More specifically my post workout/ race habits. I used to "reward" myself with whatever I wanted after I raced. (🍪🍩🍫🍺🍕) which was usually followed by feeling like crap. Something had to change.

My parents and I had to make a quick stop for food after I raced last week and this picture just shows how easy (and delicious) healthy eating really is!👅

I was STARVING and usually would've grabbed anything and shoved it in my mouth. We stopped at Wegmans, and yes the aroma of the Chinese food hot bar caught my attention, but so did the veggie quesadillas, chickpea salad, and grilled tofu. <--much better choice.

Still had a mouthgasm to say the least.

Now I'm not saying rewarding yourself isn't necessary (cuz it totally is 🍦). You just need to be aware of appropriate timing (aka not within the recovery timeline of a race/workout).

Moral of the story-->this change has significantly helped my body recovery faster and for the better. And made me feel less like garbage the next day.