I feel alone a lot. But when it gets cold and dark outisde, i open my window. I let my feet dangle down from my window. I'm on fifth floor. i look up to see the dark blue sky. my feet gets cold, but I dont care. I see the moon in spotlight, the sun is shining on it. I see all the start twinkling. I know there´s planets around those stars, and I know that in the moment i look at a star, somewhere someone is looking back. they can´t see me, and I can´t see them. but I am not alone.

In that very moment, I am free. Nothing scares me. Not even the thought of how far down there is to the street. Even though I usually can´t even get close to this window during the day. I am still sitting there, in that very moment. Nothing can get to me. Because i am, Not alone.....