Just because your kitchen doesn’t have enough space for all latest equipment or a six-burner stove or a sub-zero fridge or a double-bowl sink, you do not need to make bigger sacrifices necessarily. With the trend of modern kitchens taking up course for all sizes of cooking spaces in Kirkintilloch , Falkirk, Glasgow, London,and other big and small parts of this nation, we ought to give some careful thoughts to designing kitchen in a better way. Here are some useful ideas that you can adopt before visiting any kitchen showroom in Falkirk:

1. Small But Strong Appliances: You can always give some space to redesigned vintage appliances such as Merit or O’Keefe or something from Elmira Stove Works that can be located even in smaller sizes that are not only in style but also have better appeal in terms of use. High-end premium firms like Viking or Bertazzoni also make small sized models, so even the most serious cooks can have something for themselves.

2. Single Bowl Sink: That’s one of the best thing you can do to save up some space. You can always use a single bowl sink that can be availed in all styles and dimensions. That would be more like a country or a farmhouse style kitchen to give it a more capacious one.

3. Undermount Sink: It is a desperate measure only if you wish to save every possible inch in your cooking space. A small undermount sink would do equally well, it will give you a little more space on the counter behind the sink as the edges of the sink will be camouflaged completely. Smart idea isn’t it?

4. Wall Mounted Storage: So, if you have a blank wall, you can use it in a better way than installing artwork or calendar. You can try to make most of the space available by mounting a row of racks from wall to ceiling. You can always drape some towels on the bar and use S-hooks to hang up the kitchen tools or bring over a magnetic knife rack. It is a smart idea which will work equally well for pans and pots. Do not stop with one single row instead use all space that is available there.

5. MacGyver-style Island: In place of lining up everything in a galley style you must try to open up the space and put all the required things in a all-in-one island. That will definitely save lots of space and help in rendering some style as well.

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