Spring Beauty Essentials


This is a reminder for you to wear SPF, and to regularly check your moles.

After the dark Nordic winter, our skins natural defense against UV-rays are weakened, and needs some extra protection (I would recommend SPF 30 at a minimum). Here are some facts and reminders regarding spring beauty to take into heart:

☀️ Sunscreen is the best skincare product you'll ever find for graceful ageing, and is your best friend for protecting your skin from sun's harmful effects.

🧡 Check your moles regularly and keep an eye on any variations, show them to a doctor at a very low threshold. Apply sunblock (SPF50+) on moles that your doctor have advised to keep an eye on.

☀️ Your skin will be able to produce a maximum amount of vitamin D, only by exposing a area of skin the size of your underarm or face for about 15 minutes.

🧡 A tan by the sun is actually never 'healthy'. Your skin getting tanned is your body's response to DNA damage caused by UV rays. Prefer self tanners, or make the best of your pale self by taking proper care of yourself: lots of relaxation, lots of hydration & moisturizing, and clean food.

☀️ Keep out of the sun in the middle of the day.