Restorative Beauty Smoothie | Recipe

Inspired by Niveas gentle raspberry-rice peeling, that I got as a PR sample, I created a restorative raspberry smoothie for January, as this month is always terrific for selfcare with gentle and restorative actions after a busy fall seson.

This smoothie contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients as well as components that are good for digestive health - anything that's good for your stomage, will boost the health of your mind and skin as well.


Hand or two full of raspberries
Valio Oddlygood oat based raspberry gurt
1 avocado
A little beetroot & cabbage
Turmeric + chili by taste
A splash of green tea & olive oil

Choosing a gentler, moisturizing exfoliator for winter is essential.
Niveas Glow Rice Scrub* is gentle enough to suit Scandi-skin, that faces harsh winter winds and is prone to being more sensitive. This softly scented gel scrub is fairly good market find, that together with a little pulverized rice and raspberry juice exfoliates the skin gently without any excess rubbing.

*PR sample

Looking for recommendations on how to care for your skin during winter? Head over HERE




That looks really good!

Thank you! Let me know if you try it 😊

Drycken såg verkligen god ut! 😍

Tack! Den är det 😍 Berätta gärna om du testar den 😊