My Favourite at Home Workouts

Working out at home might be quite a challenge. It is so easy to come up with excuses and you always find something else (other than your body and wellbeing) that would need your attention. I find that the key for getting your workout done at home, is the ever so cliché slogan of Nike - just do it. Shut of your brain, go to your workout corner in the home and - this is important - minimize the steps that may distract you from your sudden, but short lived, workout mode, by dressing in comfy clothes at home that might just classify as workout clothing.

Aimin's ribbed seamless set has been my almost daily outfit since November, and I actually have two different coloured sets. Super comfortable and looks good.


Rather than thinking of a workout as an achievement where you have to give 110%, (which will definitely put you off from even starting), I've started to think about moving my body as a action of self care. I have found that it makes it easier to keep up the motivation, when you realize that you only need to do something little every day. no matter how big or small of a practice. A walk in nature, stretching or any type of movement is being active and taking care of your body.

When it comes to at home/online workouts there is a lot of options out there. I thought I share some of my favorite workouts, to hopefully make it easier to navigate in the jungle of options.


MadFit is my go to at home workout platform. I've been super happy about finding the channel, as it contains lots of intense workouts that'll only take 15-20 minutes each. And yess, I'll only do one workout session a day, because lazy. Short but intense workouts are terrific for at home exercise, and a 15-20 minute workout sessions is such a short amount of time, that you really can't make an excuse to not do it.

My favourite workouts from MadFot are:

Dancer Tigh Sculpt Workout | 15 min

Toned Legs and Round Booty | 20 min

Flat Belly & Strong Core | 15 min

Total Core Workout 15 min

The last one is actually not a favourite at all, it's just horrible, but I'll link it here anyways because it's very intense and equally effective:

Total Core Ab Workout | 20 min


This practice is lovely and soft, and perfect when feeling off or not to keen on working out at all. I also practice this in the morning as it awakens the body with gentle movement:

Boho Beautiful Yoga Flow | 30 min

This practice is more challenging with core strengthening and balance improving poses, together with fluid wave-like movements to release tension:

Boho Beautiful Feel Good Yoga Class | 30 min

This is my current favourite! I love this practice and always feel light and in such a good mood after doing this! It's quite challenging, but as always in yoga, you do the practice at your own level:

Briohny Smyth Heart Opening Yoga Flow | 30 min

This yoga session is a bit more advanced, and usually a practice I engage in during the day, as my body isn't really willing to bend into all the poses first thing in the morning

Briohny Smyths Uplifted Morning Yoga Flow | 30 min

Do you feel motivated for at home workouts, or do you prefer working out at a gym or outdoors?

If you have any favourite workout channels, or provide online workout yourself, please link them in the comments below! I'd love to try them out, and I believe it'll be beneficial suggestions for anyone who click their way to this particular post. Thank you!

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