How to turn your New Year's resolution into a habit

Learn the four key elements to make your new years resolution into a habit. The challenge lies in it being quite characteristic for us humans to seek comfort - so, if you want to form a long-term change in your life, you'll need patience and consistency.

I always enjoy the slow-down time often provided in January, and I will start this year slow as well. I thought it could be relevant to remind oneself of which the key elements of turning a New Year's resolution into a habit are. Read the four key elements below and share your thoughts if you have more tips to add!


Some studies suggest it takes 21 days to form a habit, some say 66 days, but considering it's quite characteristic for humans to seek comfort - and if you want to form a long-term change in your life, you'll need patience and consistency. I think a brilliant way to start a new habit, is by doing the new thing every time you do something that already is a habit. As an example to start doing your face yoga practice before of after you brush your teeth,

Start simple

It's easy to want to do a complete lifestyle makeover for the new year, but this isn't something you do over night. Take one or two goals and practice them until they are a natural part of your daily life, then pick an other.


When wanting to start a new habit, the easiest way to stick to the new routine is by making it easily accessible, As an example, if you're looking to start working out more, make sure your gym is on the way between work and home, makes it easier for you to just go to the gym on your way to or from work.

Allow yourself to fail

We are not perfect, nor should we want to be. Everyone fails at times, and the key is not to give up, but to let yourself fail and get yourself back to it despite your "failure".

Don't rush into the new year.

Allow yourself to start slow, take your time to reflect.

Be compassionate towards yourself, all good things take time.




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