How to treat brittle nails

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My nails was in quite a bad shape last spring, since I'd been practising a lot of manicures on myself. I asked you guys earlier about what you do to treat chipped nails, here's your tips:

🌿 Nettle tea (contains iron and minerals)

🌼 Calendula salve

💅 Depend 02 Strength Anti-Age nailpolish * - strenghtens the nails and restores their moisture balance. Aaand has a beautiful colour 😌

I've been sporting a naked French manicure myself with Lumene Nail Strengthener * and by only covering the chipped tip with All Tigers nail polish in Coral Orange.

I've also been supplementing with Wild Nutrition Skin, Hair & Nails on a irregular basis (few times every week). My nails are in much better shape, but I can't yet tell if it is do to the supplement, as it takes about 6 months for the nail to grow to its full length, so will check on how my nail tips are doing in about three months.

Here are some more tips on taking care of your nails:

- Take intermittent breaks from wearing nail polish and manicures (if a manicure for you means applying gel nails), and avoid nail polish remover with acetone. Keep your hands, cuticles and nails well moisturized.

- If all your nails are brittle or chapped, make sure your get enough nutrition from your diet.

- Calcium & vitamin D, vitamin E, selenium, zinc and biotin are vitamins and minerals that might be beneficial for strengthening nails. It might also be an idea to check in with your iron levels.

- Avoid soaking your hands in too much warm water, wash your hands in cool or lukewarm. Use gloves when doing your dishes.

- Treat your nails to an oil bath every now and then. Jojoba-, olive-, castor-, sunflower- and coconut oil could be beneficial oils to try out.

What is your go to treatment for chapped nails?

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