First Aid for Winterskin

This winter has been fantastic with its beautiful white scenery and I've been truly happy to get to experience this "true winter" that for the past years only have existed in my childhood memories. Even though the winterseason creates a calm and toned down surrounding, the dryness of the air is rather harsh for the skin - the constant changing from the outside dry coldness to the heated homes, makes it tricky for the skin to maintain hydrated.

The best thing to help the skin stay moist is to add thicker and more nourishing products to ones skin care routine. Here's some products that been saving my skin this winter from the very first try and will surely hang with me for next winter:

Evolve Gentle Cleansing Melt: This cleansing balm allured me totally as I tried it on my hand at the cosmetics counter. The formula isn't like anything I've tried before, a silky smooth gel, almost as if liquid velvet would be stroked on my skin.

I was really happy to find the Cleansing Melt by Evolve as it’ll remove makeup efficiently and leave my skin clean and calm - and there’s a nice radiant touch to the finish due to all the nourishing oils in the product. Even I, who have been living with acne the last 15 years, stopped to admire my skin as it got this wonderful healthy looking glow after cleansing. The first times I even forgot to apply moisturizer afterwards, as the oils in the product leaves the skin feeling hydrated.

I find this such a great product as it's so easy to use. I’m usually rather tired when I get to the point to cleansing the day off that I’ll prefer simple cleansing rituals, so the Evolve Cleansing Balm would suit anyone with a busy lifestyle, or anyone else who’s just tired or lazy. Just apply the balm directly on dry skin, massage and it'll loosen up makeup and dirt, blend in some water to make the consistency milky, and rinse with water. And that’s it, clean dewy skin.

Globe Hope Cosmetics by Mia Höytö, Lempeä Uni serum
: Developed for skin facing the harsh Nordic climate, this elegant oil serum convinced me by instantly providing my dry skin with moisture. For winter I’d definitely go for a oily serum as the oil will provide the skin with a longer lasting hydration, and this serum in particular positively surprises by quickly absorbing into the skin due to its fine molecules and will even be suitable for wearing under the makeup.

This serum is a real vitamin cocktail enriched with vitamins A, B, C and E to boost elasticity - and will instantly make skin feel a little plumped and make even the driest skin moist. The Lempeä Uni serum enchants with its delicate scent (note for sensitive noses: the scent fades as the product is absorbed) and the names of Globe Hope Cosmetics range just wonderful, the name of this serum for instance translates into “A Gentle Dream”.

Patyka Intense Moisturizing Mask: I love this mask by Patyka! As first aid for dry skin this super moisturizing formula feels wonderfully calming when applied and gives instant relief to thirsty skin. This is my go to product when I need to save my skin from dryness, or if it needs to be workable for makeup immediately.

The mask is to be left on for 10-15 minutes after which you’d wipe away any excess product and let it soak in to the skin overnight. I do use this mask as my regulat night cream during winter, the texture is light so it works fine without clogging any pores – with that said it’s also suitable for nourishing skin with impurities, as well as used under the eye area as a mask. Besides the moisturizing qualities I really like the radiant Cinderella-effect the mask gives - perfect to prep skin with for a glowy makeup look.

Weleda Skin Food:
This thick moisturizer is much needed to shield ones skin against the frosty winter winds. I’ve been using this under my makeup and as the moisturizer is rather fatty it wont just set on top of my face as a surface, but nourish it through out the day. I love that my skin after several hours still feels hydrated and not the slightest tight.

Due to it’s thick consistency Weledas Skin Food may be used all over the body, especially on rougher areas like knees, elbows or heels. I’ve even applied it in my hair after showering to add a little extra moisture and shine. Weleda recently launched more products and made a whole Skin Food range, can't wait to try them out!

To ensure that your skin really absorbs those products and get's all the benefits from all the caring you put in to it, you'll need to peel your skin regularly. There's lots of great products out there, but as I've gotten curious on DIY cosmetics and have very sensitive skin myself, I've been using organic honey. Honey is a incredible ingredient to use due it's soothing, restorative and anti-inflammatory properties. Honey contains small amounts of gluconic acid, so it'll be just enough to remove dead skin cells and brighten the skin. For the body I use coffee grounds to remove dead skin cells; coffee has powerful anti-oxidant properties and protects the skin against free radicals, to name a few of the benefits. Coffee beans are quite fatty by them selves so I think the grounds work fine as they are, but if you'd like a little extra, olive oil for instance may be added. Note that if you scrub your body with coffee grounds, you have to wipe it off with paper, and avoid to shower it down the drain!

Apart from skincare, there's some other things to take into consideration when curing dry skin. One would be to invest in a humidifier to prevent the air where you spend most of your time from getting too dry. Some smaller adjustments in everyday life would be to take shorter showers and prefer warm or lukewarm temperature as hot water dries the surface of the skin: adding fatty foods to your diet, drinking some extra glasses of water, and reducing alcohol and caffeine intake, as these two are diuretics and causes dehydration.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and about your go to products for treating dry skin!

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