Dyeing Hair Without Chemicals

Two weeks ago I tried dyeing my hair with henna plant pigmentation. I've been wanting to try dyeing my hair without chemicals for quite some time and decided to go for it as I came across Cultivators herbal hair colors. Quite frankly I hadn't read much about dyeing hair with henna before trying it out, only been talking to some friends about how the pigmentation works and possibly could react with the color you already have. But trying out new things when it comes to haircoloring is rather easy as you always can dye over it if you wouldn't be pleased with the outcome.

Henna color naturally come with a red tint, but there is also some herbal blends that will give a cooler shade as well as lighter colors that brightens up blonde tones. The brand I used, Cultivators, for instance have a broad range of different options when it comes to colors and shades. The thing to keep in mind when dyeing your hair with plant pigmentation is that it'll interact with the color(s) you already have treated your hair with, and will affect the final result. It is recommended to keep 5-6 weeks without chemical treatments before using herbal hair colors.

My starting point was a faded copper red, I hadn't been coloring my hair for about 3 months, so I think I got a rather true experience of the plant pigmentation.

I used Cultivator's Eco certified herbal hair color in Henna to dye my hair. The package contains 4 bags (á 25g) of herbal powder, of which I used three for my hair that is medium length and quite thick. The powder simply is to be mixed in warm water, stirred until the consistency gets a fluid and applied as you normally would. Note that the color is to be rinsed away using only water. After two days it's fine to wash the hair with shampoo, and the optimal would be to use a natural shampoo to have the color last longer.

The dying itself was rather messy but fun. I think I made the paste too thick so the applying wasn't really smooth and I ended up having green splashes all over the bathroom - this of course might have something with my clumsiness to do. Otherwise it was quite fun having all that green cream in your hair, and I was eager to see the results.

The color is to be left in the hair for 30-90 minutes. I had my color in for a little over an hour just to make sure I got some redness to my color faded strands. Truth to be told I was a bit suspicious about how rich the pigmentation really would be, but boy was I surprised about the outcome! I did not expect such a intense color! At first I was a bit hesitative about the result as it was a too bright of a orange color for me, but I decided to wait it out as the color will still develop and deepen for 48 hours.

This is what my hair looked like during and straight after it was dyed.

Depending on the desired intensity you can choose to leave it in for 30-90 minutes. If the result would need to be darker (you can't get you hair lighter with plant pigmentation as it doesn't contain oxidizers, so make sure to chose a color that is as close to your own hair color as possible, if it's only the color you're looking to change) or would like it more intense you'd just have to color the hair twice - but notice that there should go at least 12 hours in between coloring times.

The colors are semi-permanent and gradually washes out. The more times you use plant pogmentaion for dyeing your hair, the longer the color will last. I'm eager to see how long this lasts as this was my first try! I'll keep you updated on that on my Instagram account .

On the left hand side you can see my starting point, and on the right the result the next day after coloring.

My first impressions of dyeing hair with plant pigmentation was overall very positive, I was very impressed of the intensity of the color, and pleased of how nurtured and soft my hair felt afterwards (I have quite strong hair, not that soft as Finnish hair naturally is) - and that it still has that healthy shine and feel after two weeks.

The only thing I would give a hands up on is that you will smell like matcha for a couple of days before you're allowed to wash the hair for the first time after coloring. So if you have to be somewhere important - and do no not like the scent of matcha, make sure to color your hair a couple of days in advance.

Not only is the coloring itself impressive being all natural and efficient, but the brand I used in itself. The raw materials used in Cultivator's products come from their own organic plantations, is 100% plant-based and the product itself have a range of certifications: Certified Organic NPOP, USDA NOP, EU, COSMOS Organic, Kosher, Halal, Cruelty free and Non-GMO.. In addition to all this the carbon footprint of Cultivator's production process is zero!

In conclusion I was pleased with the outcome and very happy I found out about this conscious hair dyeing brand! Now that I know a bit how the pigmentation works I would have gone with something slightly darker. I am going to color it once more though for intended result.

As of curiosity I'm currently trying out other natural pigmentations, just to see how or if they work. More on this in a couple of weeks! Stay tuned!

Have you tried out any natural pigmentation for dyeing your hair?




Men åh! Så sjukt fint det blev ju!!! Kram vännen
Älskar henna! Har definitivt räddat mitt hår och solreflexen är ju oslagbar.
Roligt att höra! Håller med! Tänker definitivt hålla mig till henna framöver 😊