Coffee Break Face Massage

Working from home might make it rather difficult to separate working hours and breaks/free time. More often than not you just drink your cup of coffee at your desk, without even moving away from the screen (or move from the computer screen to your phone screen). Breaks are vital for being productive.

The last month I've had too much going on and felt that I needed to do something different on my breaks, So, I took up a 'relaxation routine', that I (ironically) have previously been advising my skin care clients to do. Touching our faces is a calming mechanism, and massaging or stroking certain areas on the face helps release tension.

Sadly I wasn't able to upload the video to the blog, but you can watch the video over at my instagram page to get tips on a quick relaxation routine you can do on your coffee break!




Thank you! It's been almost a year I have been working from home and it gets hard sometimes, i can't take breaks or whenever i intend to, my phone beeps and i go back to working in front of the screen... that didn't happen at the office!

I know, it's a struggle to keep proper breaks, even if it's so important. I hope that these movements helps you release stress, and make room for even a smaller breaks to focus just on yourself 😊 Tell me what you think and how you feel when you have tried this out!