Bacteria as your beautician

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Woman holding probiotic face mist by Sapienic

Still confused about microbiome, prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics? Here's what you need to know.

Microbiome is referring to the trillion microorganisms cohabitating our body with us. The skin microbiome together with the acid mantle and lipid barrier is a key component of our skin barrier. Skins microbiome acts as the first line of defense against invading bacteria.

Stress, sun damage, pollution, an unhealthy diet, ageing, and irritating cosmetics can throw skin's microbiome out of balance. Imbalance in skin causes inflammation and may appear as acne, eczema, redness, dryness and sensitivity - and this again is the cause to skins premature ageing. Probiotic skin care is used to strengthen the skin surface and restore a healthy pH balance. All skin types benefit of probiotic skincare. Stressed, dry, acne- and eczema prone skin in particular is visibly improved by pre- and probiotic skincare.

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Probiotics are living microorganisms, usually bacteria, that help protect your skin from pathogens.

Prebiotics are usually referred to nutrition for the probiotics . Prebiotics fuel the growth of probiotics and help a diverse microbiome thrive on your skin.

As probiotics break down on our skin they create postbiotics - which are substances we are more familiar with such as hyaluronic acid and peptides, which boosts hydration and elasticity, and supports skins immune system.

Sapienic Acid skin booster and Probiotic Mist laying on a mirror

I'm happy to tell you that I'm collaborating with the newcomer Sapienic *, an highly interesting skincare brand, taking #skinmalism to the next level - or actually, taking our perception of skin and skin care 2 million years backwards. Sapienics concept is built on the skins evolution and microbiome research, and their products are developed to rebalance and support your skins natural functions with pre- and probiotics.

One of the most thrilling products of Sapienic skin care line has to be the Sapienic Boost*. It's a booster infused with plant prebiotic Sapienic Acid - an active fatty acid previously only found in human skin. Sapienic Acid is our sebum's most nutrition rich substance and key factor of eliminating pathogens on skin. This gem ingredient is a gamechanger when it comes to reducing inflammation in skin,

Prebiotics are a important part of healthy skin and the future of skincare, as it nourishing the diversity of microbiome in our skin. A diverse microbiome equals healthy skin that can shield itself against outer stressors. Think of your skins microbiome as a forest - a forest with several different species is a thriving ecosystem that is capable of taking care of itself.

Presentation of a instagram live with pictures of Mira Luhtala and Christopher Genberg

I'm thrilled to be hosting a live tomorrow, Thursday the 29th, with Christopher from Sapienic! The live starts at 18:00 Swedish time and 19:00 Finnish time. Come join us to know more about skins microbiome and skins evolution!

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