5 Beauty Tips to Survive the Summer Heat

Hydration from the inside and out is key during the hot summer months. If your not too keen on drinking plain tap water, throw in some citrus fruits, cucumber, berries and/or mint leaves for a refreshing blend of spa water. On the extra hot days, make sure you get a dose of minerals to replace sweat losses with mineral water or by adding electrolytes to your water. When it comes to skin care, here are the products I've been cooling off with:

Protecting your skin from the sun.

Created in 2011 by two surfers and ocean lovers for other water sport (and ocean-) lovers alike, Alga Maris have a range of safe options for protection against the sun.

I brought the Alga Maris SPF 50 + with me last summer on a sailing trip to the Ionian Sea and didn't burn one bit, even though we spent the days entirely at sea. The SPF is water resistant and as it contains non-nano titanium dioxide as UV-shield it's safe for both marine life and you .

This summer I've been using their SPF 30 - also sweat and water resistant, and come in a more fluid consistency than the SPF 50+.

Hydrate with face a mist.

I've had Avénes' Thermal Water face mist on my work desk all spring to freshen up along the day. Turns out it's also been a great relief during the summer heat - I love the fresh breeze of thermal water to cool down. The bottle is rather big, so a bit clumsy to bring along, but it really gives a nice refreshed touche and calms warm cheeks.

Hydrating face mask

Hydration is key during summer, and you want to make sure your skin is getting all the moisture and nourish it needs to recover from the sun hours.

Fresh cosmetics brand NUORIs* lightweight Supreme Moisture Mask works as a skin drink by deeply hydrating and calming the skin, as well as restoring skin barrier functions, with fresh ingredients. All of NUORIs skin care products are formulated in small batches ever 10-12 weeks, to ensure the ingredients are as fresh as possible, and that they work with maximum effect when applied on your skin.

I'm loving this face mask and use it as night cream about two times a week to keep my skin hydrated. This one also has the wonderful Cinderella effect - I really don't mind waking up with glowing, supple skin!

Cooling shower gel & gel moisturizer

Nothing feels lovelier than ending the day with a cool shower - and during these wonderful hot summer days I've been maximizing the cooling sensation by showering with the Menthol and Eucalyptus infused Pretty Athletic Invigorating Shower Scrub. Instantly refreshing the shower gel also contains Jojoba Microspheres and Strawberry Seeds for a very light peeling effect, making sure to get off all the SPF and sweat.

After the shower I moisturize with their Hydration Kick Gel Body Moisturizer which is a fast intensely hydrating and absorbing gel cream, that feels a bit like stroking on a lighter version of Ice Power onto your skin. Feel so good after a hot day!

Pretty Athletic is originally developed to serve you after and during work out, but I find their products as terrific options during hot summer days and sauna sessions as well.

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