We are now in the second biggest city of the southeast coast of South Korea.
I really love this city. We live 2 min from a huge and beautiful beach called Haendae and this city just feels very young, fun and careless.

Our hostel is not very good though. It's called Hi Busan and we're paying the same amount as the other hostels we've stayed at all though this place is very poorly managed. First of all we couldn't find the place at all even with the directions they gave us online. Once we got there, the guy working there was really confused and not very polite. It seamed as if we were the least important thing in his not so busy job. The hot water was broken, there's cats running around and we've had to move rooms twice even though we were booked in ... Haha anyway ...

Day 1:
I had the best start to this morning. I went up early and took a nice power walk along the lon beach in the sun and had breakfast at starbucks :-)

Today we took the metro to the old cultural village, Gamcheon. A lot of refugees during the Korean war settled down here in the 1950s. I was very surprised by how this village looked so similar to the chilean city Valparaiso that I was in a couple of years ago. It was amazing!

In the afternoon we took the meteo to the famous KSU which is a university area with a lot of shops and restaurants. We played pool and had a really nice dinner! :-)

Day 2:
Today we started off the morning in the sun, walking along the beach. We walked a little track along the waterline over to a little island. It was stunning! On this walk we walked into a building were presidents from a few different countries had had a political meeting a few years ago :-)

After lunch we bought some grapes and some Kimbap (Korean sushi rolls) and sat on the beach. We also watched a street show for about an hour. As we were the only westernes watching together with a canadian, we became the stars of the show and the busker had a "Sweden vs Canada" show! Very funny actually!

In the evening we walked for about an hour to find a gym but everything was closed cause of the chinese new year so we just had some dinner instead.
We also took the metro to the famous fish market but it was also closed :-( But we still walked around and bought some very good foods at the "normal market". I had suger strawberries and a special korean pancakie thing with nuts and chocolate :-)

Day 3:
We started the morning on the beach again. So nice to sit in the sun! We listened to a podcast called Serial that we have been very into lately!

After lunch we went to find a gym again. We were so lucky to find a really nice one and we got a good 3-day-deal! So nice to sweat again :-)

After the gym we went out for a cheap
Rice and chicken dinner and then took the metro to Spaland!

Busan is famous for having a lot of spas so we though we had to try one as we have never been at a spa before!

It was so relaxing. We paid for 4 hours and we could try the different things. We had bery nice spa clothes on! They had hot springs outdoores and indoors, an outdoor foot bath, probably 10-12 different themes saunas in different temperatures, massage, massage chairs, snack bar, resting area and a cinema. We had such a good evening there!

Day 4
Today is day 4 (12/2) and we've had our first rainy day in Korea so far! We've literally had 15 days of sunny weather so i guess we can't complain on ONE rainy day.

We spent the whole morning at the Aquarium called Sea Life. It was surprisingly good and beautiful! So many different fish! And after lunch we even came back to watch the shark feeding.

Now we're having a rest at the hostel before we go back to the gym again.

I'll update you in a few days again!

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So we arrived in our second city in Korea, more like a little town called Gyeongju. It was so nice to get out of the big cities for a change.
Really not much to thus city but it just had a really nice vibe and a few nice things to so.

The best part was our room mates and our amazing hostel called Homo Nomad. The toilets where outdoors which was really cold but cool and the hostel was like a home. I really really lived it!

Day 1:
Today I was the tour guide and I had to locate us on the map. I decided that we should go see the royal tombs and I was very sure of the location. We started walking out from the city (i was still sure it was the right direction) and after about 40 minutes walk we got to the tombs ... But the wrong tombs. We were the only once there and I think Eric was a little annoyed with me ... But this is what happens if you give me a map. And I had a very good morning walking in the sun :-)

After the tombs we went to the right tombs which turned out to be a 5 min away from our hostel ... Hahah.
We walked through the traditional village and the historical park. We also bought a kite and had loads of fun flying it on the big field!

Before going to bed we had a long chat with our room mates. A South African, a Scott and an aussie :-)

Day 2:
Today we hiked up Namasan mountain. The hike up to the peak was only about an hours hike and it was pretty enjoyable and not too tough. Also, you could see a lot of sights on the way up such as a Buddha and historical sights.

Once at the top we had a beautiful view and the best part was the next 30 min as we were actually walking along the track up on the mountain.

The walk down was just as beautiful as we walked down in a valley along a river.

In the evening we went out for a traditional Korean dinner together with our room mates. We also had churros for dessert ;-)

Day 3:
This day didn't really go as planned. We went back to the big field to fly the kite again but the string ti the kite was all tangled up. We were standing trying to untangle it for about 1 hour! I was really annoyed as I was doing all the work all though Eric was the one that insisted that we had to fly it! Haha it was pretty funny though. And so though the Koreans! The people passing by found us really amusing and some even stopped to help us!

After a while a nice man came and gave us new string! But after 10 min of flying, the string broke and our kite flew away ... Haha

After lunch we actually headed to the bus station and got on the bus towards Busan.
We have now had our first day in Busan. I'll update you about that in a few days :-)



In 1910, Korea was invaded by Japan. Japan occupied Korea. During the WW2, USA and Russia also fought against Japan and sent in troops to Korea. The States from the south and Russia from the North.
In 1945 the Korean peninsula was split into two, North and South Korea. There was now a border line on the 38th parallel.
In between the North and South "border line" is an untouched area called the DMZ, The Demilitarized Zone. In the middle of the DMZ the North Korean and the South Korean soldiers stand face to face and is known as the most dangerous area in the world.

Day 5:
Today we got to see a part of the DMZ. All though we didn't get to see the military borderline where the two countries meet. But it was still quite a day!
As we drove towards the tour bus in a mini van, we drove past the North Korean mountains. They had no trees on them like the South has since the North Koreans use all the wood from the trees.

On the tour bus two armed soldiers stepped on to check our passports.
Our first stop was "The third tunnel" that the South Koreans discovered in the 70s. The tunnel was dug by North Korean soldiers to invade the South from under ground. Today the South Koreans have discovered 4 tunnels. We actually got to walk into the tunnel and walked all the way to the actual border which ment that we were standing underneath North and South Korean soldiers. The North Koreans painted the walls with kole to make it seem like that was the purpose for the tunnel so they wouldn't get suspected. All though they didn't think that through ... Cause the only thing you can dig for in that area is granite. Ooooooops ....

We also stopped in a little village that was actually based in the DMZ. The 400 people who lived there got their homes for free from the government since it's so dangerous to live there.

The coolest and most powerful stop, was the observation tower. We actually "spied" on the North Koreans from a telescope.
It was so cool to see. We saw a little community on the farmland. They are so poor. We saw people walking around minding their daily business. It's so bizarre watching them, knowing what they live through.
The North Korean government built three storage buildings in this community after they knew they were being watched by tourists from the South side. No one lives in them. It's all propaganda, just like everything else in North Korea.

We also stopped at the train station where they have a sign saying "To Pyongyang", The North Korean capital. They hope to one day be able to use the station again and let South Koreans travel freely into North Korea.

In the evening we went and had dinner at the night markets :-)

Day 6
Unfortunately I was still sick and not feeling too well this day so I slept all morning and noon. All though I did take my morning walk to get my banana juice for breakfast :-)
In the afternoon we headed into the shopping street and had a look. I tried Dunkin' Donut's for the first time! It was not good. Haha.
In the evening we took the bus up to the Seoul tower and we had the best view over the city.
We had a burger for dinner, looking out over the city.

Day 7:
Today we went to the Bukhansan National Park. We were expecting an easy hike in the sun. It was pretty easy for the first 1,5 hours up but when we got close to the peak, we literally had to climb the rest of the mountain, using ropes to pull ourselves up, to reach the very top.
My body reacted to the hight and narrow paths so I actually got into a panic state and had to sit down as I started hyperventilating ... It was not a nice feeling. Luckily I have a very calm and supportive partner so after calming down, I got my head straight and we climbed all the way to the top!
One of the most amazing feelings i've ever had! The view was just amazing.

We had a huge dinner that night!
Day 8
Our last day. In the morning we took the subway to see our last sight, the biggest palace in Seoul! I forget the name of it ... It looked like all the other Korean palaces all though it was way bigger!
After the palace we walked past the Blue House, which is where the South Korean president lives.

We had our final lunch at our two favorite places. Rice and meet at our Japanese restaurant and then we had kimpab roles (Koreas sushi roles) at our other favorite restaurant :-)

We had to spend 3 hours at the bus station as all the buses were fully booked until 19 o'clock. We had a coffee and then got on the bus for 4,5 hours.

Now we are at our second stop in Korea, Gyeongju :-)



I can't really decide what I think about Seoul yet. I recon we have quite a bit to explore before I'll decide :-)
The city itself is really young and fun I would say. Very colorful and busy.
We live in the north of Seoul, close to a shopping street and close to the metro station that takes you
anywhere in the city.

We actually moved hostels today cause we couldn't stand another night at the otherone! It was a very nice place but we ended up in a dorm with only snoring guys and we could not sleep at all! So now we have our own dorm room :-)

Let's get back to day one:

I woke up first and went for a little morning walk on my own. I went to check out the shopping street and bought a nail polish (oops) for me and a warm scarf for Eric.

After lunch me and Eric went to the South Korean War Museum. It was with out a doubt the most interesting museum I have ever been to! Even though I find it hard to concentrate.
The museum was about the Korean war in 1950 between the North and South. I learned a lot so if you have any questions or concerns about the Korean war, feel free to contact me! Haha just kidding ...
We spent 5 hours there and still didn't have time to go through all the rooms before they closed! Then we finished of with a muffin and smoothie :-)

In the evening we actually found a gym and made a 3 day deal for a reasonable price. It was very nice to get the heart pumping a but again!

Day 2:
We had a loooong sleep in which was very needed after sleeping in a war zone of snoring men. Then we had a little chat with our room mates and got some ideas for a sightseeing day. So we took the subway to the Changdeokgung Palace which was the official palace sometime during the 1600s. It wasn't that impressive but still very cool to see the traditional Korean style on the buildings. The painting on the building is a traditional way of painting in Korea and the different colors symbolizes different elements.

Then we walked through the Hanouk village called Bukchon, which is a traditional Korean village. Very cute. I tried some traditional Korean cake that was just pure sugar ...

After the village we walked into a completely different area: Insadong, the most famous street in Seoul! So many people and so touristy. That's all I have to say. All though I got a good look of it from Eric's shoulders :-)

We finished the day at the gym and some sushi, Korea style.

Day 3:
Today we headed into the City Hall of Seoul and paid 1 euro to go ice skating in the outdoor ice hall! We had so much fun and we were so fast after drinking caramel coffee!! Haha

Then we were lucky enough to be very close to another palace called Deoksugung. We were offered a free tour by two korean students who tought us a lot about the different buildings in the palace and about the history.

We took the subway back to our area and had dinner. Then we bought cheese popcorn and went to the Cinema! We watched a terrible movie and I felt sick through half of it cause there was so much blood involved. Terrible. If you don't like bloody movies, don't watch "The Revenant".

Day 4:
I don't have much to say about this day as i'm not feeling too well cause i'm getting a little sick. I still insisted to go to the gym this morning but now we're both lying in our new beds.
I went for a little walk in the sunny weather to get some fruit which is hopeless to find around here.
Tonight we're going to play some pool and have an early night.

Tomorrow we will be picked up at 7:20 by the tour bus that will take us to the DMZ - the worlds most dangerous border line. So exciting !



I was wondering if I would count Hong Kong as a separate country or not. First thing we noticed was that they drove on the left side, obviously from when Hong Kong was a British colony.
Second thing we noticed was that they all speak english.
They don't speak mandarin but Cattaanese. And also, the tourist Attractions compared to mainland China was so much cheaper or for free.
It's obviously a lot more modern than mainland but it still feels like China I would say. And I guess the Chinese would be upset with me if I called it a separate country.

Day 1:

We arrived in Hong Kong in the afternoon and had to struggle a bit to find our hostel.
Luckily we had nice room mates in our very tiny dorm room. Two Norwegians and then our irish friend Rebecka.

We didn't have time for much today so we just had a quick dinner and then took the metro to see the skyline.
Woow, the skyline just hits you. It's so big and so beautiful. There was a "lightshow" over the skyline at 8 o'clock but it really wasn't much to brag about. I wasn't even sure if it had started or not.
Anyway, I have to say that Hong Kong skyline topped Shanghai skyline!

We walked around a bit in the area and oh my how out of place we felt! Massive shopping malls with only the most expensive things in. We would be broke after buying a single thing. It was very impressive though. But I liked our little area more as it was more chinese and filled with cheap restaurants.

Day 2:
As we only had one full day, we had to pick carefully what we wanted to do. So after breakfast me, Eric and Rebecca took the subway to the Big Budda.
We had to take the bus up the big hill on the little island and it was a beautiful drive up! I was amazed that "even" Hong Kong had nature like this.

We walked around the big Budda for a while, checked out the view, went in to a temple and then had lunch in form of noodles of course.

In the afternoon we took the subway to see Victoria Peak and get a good view of the city.

We had to take a tran up and oh my was the line up long?? We waited for more than an hour and I was thinking to myself "this better be good ...".
So we get up to the top and we get into this huge shopping mall ... What? It took us about 10 minutes before we found the way to the lookout. And guess what ... This was the view:

It was so foggy and i didn't know if I wanted to laugh or cry after waiting for that long.

As we were going to take the tram down, (it was now dark and windy btw), we discovered a line up just as long as on the way up. Aahhh! Haha.
So we decided to walk down. It took us about 2 hours to get back home but at least we saw a bit of the view on the way down.

We had a little chat to our room mates and the next day we boarded the plane to our third country, Korea!
So we are now in Seoul!



Ow Taiwan, how you surprised us!

We did not know the deal about Taiwan when we booked our spontaneous flight five days ago.
Taiwan has not declared itself independent from China but sure is a different country in every way. Different currency, stable community, clean streets, very highly developed technology and most importantly no propaganda.
Although most people inTaiwan are Hanh Chinese.
The mainland claims Taiwan as a part of China but Taiwan does not want to give up on it's democracy.

Day 1:
Taipei is the capital of Taiwan and is a mix of Asian culture and big, modern city vibe.
On the first day we took the metro to the Lung Shan temple. The temples are probably one of the most fascinating constructions i've ever seen. So peaceful with people lighting candles and the sticks that smell good (what are they called??) and praying in front of the amazing sculptures of their Gods.

Then we took the metro line to the Memorial Building of Chiang Kai-Shek. It is built in the honor of the chinese leader of the nationalist government that lost the war against the communists and fled to Taiwan in 1949. With him followed 2 million people who also wanted to escape the communists.
We also were lucky to see the changing of the guards which was an interesting little performance.

Then we had lunch in form of street food at one of the local food streets.

After that we visited two other temples. One of them was an unesco cultural heritage. Very impressive although it was pouring rain which on the other hand scared all the tourists away part from us ;-)

We were going to walk up the Taipei 101 building to see the view all though it was raining so much that we decided to save the money for a sunny day so we could see the view.

Day 2:
Today we got up early to eat our free breakfast at the hostel in shape of oatmeal with fruit, peanut butter jelly toasts and caramel coffee!

Then we took the metro to the Taipei Hot Springs! As i've been to the most amazing Hot Spring in Island, I have to admit that I was not that impressed although it gave us a very relaxing morning!
We figured that this was probably the best way for the older people that came there to keep their bodies in check and keep their immune system strong. They would get in the coldest pool (which was very freezing) and sit there for a good 10-20 min before they jumped in to the 45 degree pools.

We weren't as hard core and started off in the ~40 degree pool as a start and then worked ourselves up to the 45 degree one. It was very cozy cause it was raining!

After the Hot Springs we accidentally ate McDonald's ... Haha tourists.
Then we took the metro to the Taipei Zoo!
We didn't have much time before they closed and it was pouring rain so I can't say it was the best zoo experience that I had but the animals were very well treated and in good care. We saw some very fascinating and funny personalities amongst the different animals and we were lucky to get some action from the cages, haha!
But the best part was the feeding of the pandas! I've never seen a Panda before and they are just remarkable creatures. So happy we got to see them.

We met some nice people at the hostel and then went to bed.

Day 3:
Today we took the train after breakfast and headed down south along the east coast down to Hualien. We had heard that there was supposed to be beautiful nature!
The city itself was not much to cheer for although we found the best restaurant with free drinks and free ice cream! But for the main meal we tried out the chinese hot pot :-)
Then we had an early night at our so called "Bear Hostel".

Day 4:
We decided to buy our first tour that would take us through the Toroko Gorge and National Park. Unfortunately the tour guide only spoke chinese so we didn't get any of the facts or history of the beautiful place.
We still had a great day seeing the mountains, a temple and a beautiful coast line!

To make a long story short, we took the train back to Taipei and stayed the night there.
We took the bus to the airport this morning and have now landed in Hong Kong!

Btw; if you're wondering what weird orange food thing is in the picture, it's the Taiwanese specialty: Mango ice with frozen milk and terra cotta! Yummy :-)

Toroko Gorge



We had the best time in Yangshou and we've been so lucky to hang out with the best group of people! I couldn't explain how awesome these days have been!

After the Li River rafting and getting to our hostel, me Eric and our english friend George, who by the way is biking around the world, went for a little explore to find the "Beer Fish Restaurant" that we never found. Although we found our two dutch guys and we all went to a roof top bar to have a beer followed by a very spicy dinner which I can still not handle ...

In the evening we met up with the rest of our gang and played some pool before we hit the streets to do some traditional, chinese karaoke!
It was so much fun! Imagine 10 singing/screaming people in a stinky little room, 20 beers and a huge tv screen with karaoke songs!
To finish off the evening, we had street food at 3 am!

Next morning me, George, Eric, the dutch guys and our good friend Kate, rented scooters and drove around Yangshou until the sun went down.
It was the best day so far as it was sunny and we drove through such great nature!
We also did a hike up the "Moon Hill Mountain". We bumped into some Australian climbers at the top and I was very fascinated to see how high they climbed!
In the evening we went out for dinner, had a second dinner at a muslim restaurant were they make their own noodles and then headed back to the hostel to play card games!

We had a very lazy morning the day after and we had to say our goodbyes to most people :/ me, Kate and Eric hiked up a mountain to the TV tower together with the dutch guys. As we weren't as lucky with the weather, we couldn't see much!
The three of us took the bus back to Guilin and fell a sleep like babies after trying to figure out were to go next as we're running out of time in China.

We really did not know were to go. After a lot of discussing, we decided to fly out of China and move on to Taiwan!
Before we left to the airport, me, Kate and Eric rented bicycles and bikes around the busy city, had lunch at a very cheap noodle place and saw some nice things!

It was very sad having to say goodbye to Kate as we will miss her very much!
Although I am very excited to say that we are now in Taiwan!



With cars and scooters driving everywhere and almost hitting everywhere you go, construction work everywhere and people running around like they would in any big city, you would not believe what beauty this city is actually surrounded by.

We are now further down south in this beautiful country and we've been lucky to experience Guilin in mild, sunny weather!

We had such a hard time finding our hostel on the evening we came to Guilin. Although it was worth the struggle as this is the best hostel so far! We've met so many nice people and we noticed that this is were all the western backpackers come, as we've been amongst very few westerners during the start of our trip.

Day 1:
We woke up and had a western breakfast with fruit, yogurt and oatmeal. We were very happy to skip the noodle soup for breakfast.

We got on the local bus and jumped of at the famous Reed flutes Cave. It was a stunning cave. The chinese have a very childish imagination and it reflected in this cave. They had a different story to each part of the cave and the shined lights in different colors to make it look like a colorful story.
They found different animals, vegetables and creatures in the different rocks and I actually thought that it was very entertaining.
Our tour guide sang us a traditional chinese song as a good bye. :-)

After the caves we took a walk around the Elephant Trunk, which is a big hill shaped like an elephant.

We had dinner at a shopping mall with tones of local foods and had a very spicy stirfry, which was very painful!

Day 2:
It was a very sunny day and we took the bus up to the city center to look for a gym as we felt that it was time for a work out! Haha typical us.

It was not very easy to find but it was so nice walking around the Plaza and little food markets in the sun.
But we still managed to find the gym!

Our daily lunch is always at the cheapest local shops or markets and I recon it's the best food! I'm officially addicted to noodle soup :-)

In the evening we met a few westerners that we had dinner with at the hostel. Very nice people.

Day 3:
We got up early to get picked up by a very friendly and funny chinese guy together with our 4 friends from the hostel.
He drove us to a big bus that would take us through the most amazing scenery with green mountains surrounding the little villages.

After more than an hour we finally got to the Li River were we jumped on a bamboo boat that took us through the river. If your going to Guilin, don't miss this! It was amazing. Pictures below :-)

After getting of the bamboo raft we got picked up by a little golf car that took us to our bus. The bus drove us all the way to were we are now, Yangshuo.
This is supposed to be an amazing place. We're sharing a room with the people we met in Guilin.
Time to explore!



We're so lucky that we decided to go to Fenguang! It was the most beautiful little town that I've seen here so far.
The city itself surrounded a river and the beautiful old town that you had to pay 148 yuan (20euros) to get into.

All Though we were very unlucky with our hostel the first night (no heater and freezing cold), we were very lucky the next day.

First of all we found the cutest hostel with princess rooms and it was sooo warm and comfortable.
Second of all we somehow managed to get into the old town for free! We were just walking when we realized that the guard didn't see us and we were in the city!

It was definitely the most chinese styled town so far. It was really hard to imagine that this town is actually 1300 years old!

After our noodle soup we spent the whole afternoon in our princess room! We really needed a day to take it easy.

In the evening we went out for a drink and watched some live music with a very disturbing, untuned guitar ... Still cozy!
We also tastes the local wine that we got for free. Disgusting and so strong!

Yesterday we left Fenguang and jumped on the 7 hour bus that took us all the way throug the beautiful mountains, down to Guilin.

I just woke up in the coolest hostel with curtains around my bed and we actually met other westerners here.

Time for some Guilin action today!



I've never gone to sleep this cold and I've never woken up this cold. We were wondering why our room was so cheap until we realized that there's no heater!! Panic! Haha.

But let's rewind a couple of days back to when we got to experience a little glimpse of paradise.

It was a little bit of a hassle to get to Zhangjiajie but so worth seeing this beautiful place.

The town itself wasn't that much to see part from the dancing asians every night and the friendly locals in our favorite noodle store.
But as soon as you got into the National Park it was a totally different story.

Shaped by ice and nature during probably millions of years, the huge finger-looking mountains surrounded the forrest. Breathtaking.
The Chinese likes to think that the director of "Avatar" got his inspiration to the planet in the movie from these mountains all though that's not entirely true. But let's let the Chinese think that and use it as commercial. ;-)

We walked up as far as we could get until we had the mountain peaks just in front of our eyes. After 3 hours we started the long 2 hour walk down all the 7000 steps and managed to catch the last bus out of the park just in time.

After our noodle soup the next day, we headed into the park again but this time to do a different route that our hostel guy kindly showed us. We didn't have to do any research this time because of him!

We walked a 2 hour hike below the mountains, following a little river that stretched out the whole way.
We are so lucky that we came during low season as it would've been packed in summer.

Then it was time to start climbing up all the stairs to get to the top. Gosh it was tough. As we were walking in the forrest with fog, it wasn't that enjoyable part from watching all the cute monkeys!
The top was kind of a disappointment as we saw nothing of the view because of the fog!

But I was still very amused as two monkeys attacked Eric and pulled his backpack of, stole our food and ripped our Asia book! Haha gosh they were evil!

Then we took the cable car down and walking up definitely felt worth it! The view was amazing from the cable car!

We had the biggest dinner and fell asleep like babies!

Yesterday we jumped on the 5 hour bus to get to where we are now. Fenghuang.
Time for some more exploring!