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To high to care about anything....




...and then the skulls eyes lit up like blue flames. His bones crackled and gnawed agains the stony rocks of the cave as he slowly stood up. Covered from head to toe in a shiny fabric made of what looked to be a thousand patterns. 

He stared right at me, locked his eyes to mine. I could not remove my sight, and the longer i stared the more i could feel my knees becoming weaker. I fell to my knees and i felt my mind getting numb. It walked up to me, raised his hand and held up two fingers. At this point he became a blur and i started to se circles radiating from his fingers. I fell to my stomache and was gasping for air and right as i was passing out i fellt a cold wind on my face. There it was, right infront of my face with its eyes staring into what felt like my soul. I could hear a clear voice in my head whispering...

-"death walks again..."


So yeah thats the story i get in my head from watching this amazing piece of art by an artist named "GODMACHINE". I know is suck at writing but its fun and fun things are fun.

so yeah... bai!



My alltime favourite movie is The Big Lebowski. I must have seen it over 50 times and i still think its the best movie ever.

And the reason that i like it so mutch is that it just has this special feel to it, that i have not yet seen in any other movie.

And also, we have Jeff Bridges in his best role ever as: The Dude, Dooder, el duderino (if you're not into the whole brevity thing)

I like the dude.

The dude is not someone who is perfect, but he enjoys life anyway.

The dude does not care about the little things, and he does not let shit get to him.

The dude lives his life exactly as he likes, a life of no worries, no stress and no conflict

He goes bowling with his friends, he gets high, has sex and drinks his white russians.

And even though he is seen as a slob or a bum by most, i see him as a person that just does not care and lives the way he wants to live.

But thats just like, my opinion.. man!




What just happend?

It says my first two blog posts have 2 readers, and the rest have 1?

Does this mean someone has read my posts? am i not alone on this island on the internet?

This is wierd...



Everything was mutch easier when i was young... i didnt care so mutch about the little things, most of my freetime would be spent with friends playing games or playing outside, i had a family that loved me. No worries and no fears (except for the dark, that shit scared the living crap out of me). I guess what im trying to say is that its important to be childish sometimes, to remember how simple life can be sometimes. And just to clearify, there is a huge difference between being immature and childish.

So relax sometimes, just put all your work, stress, everything aside and just go out and play some football or load up an old game that you used to love and just live and have fun.

Because in the end, all we have is time, and wasting it all would be sutch a shame...



So... hi again!

i dont even know who im saying hi to since no one reads, or will ever read, this blog...

YES! i have no idea what to write about but im going to do it anyways, since im high, im bored and i want to write.

For when the day comes.
when the two of us meet and finally become one.
when we finally embrace eachother.
That is the day we start to live.

Your beauty is like no other.
Your voice, the voice of an angel.
Your touch can heal any and all wounds.
Your kindness knows no bounds.
Your very presence makes everyone smile.

Who are you?

Where are you?

i want you.







Lets talk about fear and love.

i dont think i have ever really experienced true fear, like the "cant move"-fear. But i have, and i am currently very scared. Scared of who i am, who i will become in the future.

I am also afraid of where the world is heading. We have lost compassion and love, and replaced it with recentment and hate. This world could be so mutch more, but people need to wake up and se that love is the only thing that binds all beings in this vast universe together.

So yes, i am afraid, but i am also keeping my arms open, for whoever that needs love.



So today i feel pretty gloomy.. i feel like life is just passing by... and im sitting here in my observationtower looking down on everything happening around me. i hate it here.

tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock... on and on...



Walking on an empty road. in a wast and empty wasteland...

Ok maby im not for real.. maby im just sitting here writing this after playing fallout 4 for the past 24 hours straight. But eitherway, im sitting here writing this for a reason, and the reason is that i have no reason. i just decided it would be fun to write about stuff from time to time. And since i am high most of my wake hours, i always tend to drift of into what i call the haze, but maby im not the first to crown the term...

And in this haze my mind flows, all worries drift away, curiosity takes over and its like i can just "be".

so i can write a sick fanfic from fallout, or a sad post about my struggles, or just a post that contains the word "fuck" because lets be honest, we all need that post sometimes.

so have a nice day, and i will se you in the next episode.

...To be continued...