Life is not always positive and happy, but there is something good in everyday. It might be just a small thing or then it might be everything but what is the most important thing to remember is that there is always something good, you just got to look for it.

I have actually been on a really good mood this last few days and i thought that i could share with you a few things that help me keep positive.

1. Music. Happy and up going music always makes me happy.

2. Positive thoughts. People who have positive thoughts are my favorite kind of people. If the positivity shines throw and they are all around positive and happy, that is something i like.

3. Good weather. In the summer and spring i like when it's warm and when the sun is shining and then int the winter I like when there is snow and kind of cold. In the fall i like when the leafs are falling and it is starting to become a little bit colder.

4. My family. Being with my family makes me really happy. They always get me on a good mood and I usually get really happy when i'm with them.

5. Friends. Friends are important because if you are sad they will get your mind of that and they will make you laugh.

6. Walks. I enjoy taking walks alone or with someone. If i'm walking alone i like to listen to some music and when I walk with someone i like to just talk about something.

7. Relaxing. After everything that has been going on around you it's good to relax. Just watch some TV or Netflix or something that you really like. Just don't think to much, just relax.

8. Good workout. When I have had a good workout I always feel really good about myself and i get this positive vibes. HAHA!

9. Traveling. I travel quite a lot, but still every time I hear that i'm going to another country I get really exited and happy.

What makes you happy?



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So, my name is Henrika but my friends call me Henni. This is my first blog post and i thought that i would tell you a few things about myself.

Okay, well i live in Finland and i am 15 years old. I´m on ninth grade, I would not say i´m the best student, but i´m definitely not the worst eather. I love gymnastics and i have been doing it ever since i was 3 years old. I love music and I like to sing. I sing and play the piano as my hobbies. Right now I also have team gymnastics as my hobby. I have a mom and a dad and an older sister. She is 18 and is graduating this year.

Now you know a little bit more about me and you will probably learn even more in the future. I hope you will keep reading my posts. See ya!