How to add a signature to the top menu

1. Start with a photo editor so you can do a signature picture. A great tip is to use which is free to use. There you can choose to create your own picture with your signature.

2. If you choose to use; go to Archive / New picture and then choose which size the picture should have. 300 x 100 px is used for this example. Use text tools (T) to write your signature and to choose the right font for your blog. To save your picture, click on Archive / Save and choose PNG (transparent, full quality) for the best quality.

3. Go to Your blog / Design on a computer and drag the module "Top menu" and drop it where you want your top menu. Press the cog wheel (on the right) to edit the top menu.

4. You can have automatic menu options i.e.

- Profile

- All categories

- Archive (on item for each month)

You can also choose your own text, icons for your social medias and to upload your own pictures. If you click on Icon / Arrow up is "to upload a new image click here". Choose picture and save.

5. You can go to top menu (on the left) and click on pictures to change witch size signature should have.

6. Dont forget to Save and then Publish your design

7. Now you are all set!