How do I turn on and off infinite scroll in my blog?

Infinite scroll on Nouw
As a default, your blog has infinity scroll activated on your blog. Meaning that new posts will automatically load when the reader scrolls down and they won't have to click "next" on a pager at the bottom. With that said, you can choose to have a pager if you want.

Please note: all blogs have infinite scroll by default in mobile view - this cannot be turned off at this time.

How to turn infinite scroll on and off
1. Go to your blog's design under Your blog / Design

2. Scroll to the bottom of the blog's design and find the Pager. If you cannot see one, you can drag and drop it into the bottom of your blog from the list Modules to your left

3. Click on the module and choose the option Pager or Infinite depending on what you fancy

If you click on the Pager module in your design, you can change from Infinite to Pager