How do I read the statistics page correclty?

Easy to get an overview
The new page makes it easy to get an overview for your blog’s statistics by adjusting the dates yourself. It’s also possible to see from what countries your readers tune in from, and if they’ve found your blog via another blog or site.

Adjust dates
At the top right of your statistics page you can adjust the dates for the statistics. E.g. you can adjust by day, week, month or year to get the overview you want. Please, keep in mind: when you adjust the dates at the top of the page, every piece of information on the statistics page will follow.

To get exact numbers from the curves in your statistics, hover over the dots. Depending on what you wish to see, you can chose to hide some of the curves, while letting others still be visible. Do that by clicking on the text options below, e.g. Unique visitors, Viewed posts and so on.

Summary & extended statistics

Unique visitors: Number of people who have visited your blog

Viewed posts: How many posts have been viewed on your blog. E.g. one unique visitor can read several blogposts on your blog.

Sessions: Amount of visits your blog has had

Followers: Amount of new Nouw followers

Published posts: How many posts you’ve published

Most visited posts
This is a list of your most read posts. If you see a post with a significantly higher number than the others, the new statistics makes it easier for you to look into how that is. Maybe someone linked your blog somewhere? This takes us to our next point, how and where does your readers find your blog?

Demographics/ target group
Here you can see an overview of your blog’s traffic sources, visitors per country and returning and first time visitors in the form of pie charts. The same system applies here, as with the curves at the top. You can click and ”hide” parts of the charts by clicking the descriptions below.

Traffic sources: Here you get a good idea of how and from where your readers come to your blog. In many cases, it’s via what’s called direct traffic, meaning your readers have typed in your adress and come to your blog. Facebook & Instagram are also two of the most common sources. If your blog has been linked on someones else’s blog or if someone’s found the link to your blog in a comment section somewhere, you’ll find it here.

Visitors per country: For those of you who have been curious about where in the world your readers are located when they read your blog - we're happy to say that’s now something you now have the possibility to see, directly on your Nouw account. It’s fun knowing where your readers live, isn’t it?

Returning visitors: The last pie chart shows how many of the people who’ve been visiting your blog were there for the first time, and how many have visited more than once.