How do I create an export file for my blog?

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How to export your blog's content into an XML file:
When you're moving your blog to another platform you need to gather all of your blogpost texts and comments into a file, more specifically into the format XML. The photos won't be in the file - but they will sync to your new blog when you import the file on your new platform.

Please note: Due to your photos being synced when you upload file into your new platform, please do not remove your Nouw blog. If you do, you will risk loosing your photos, and we don't want that!

1. Go to Your blog / Import your old blog. Click the tab at the top that says Export

2. Follow the instructions on the page

3. Save your file to your computer by right clicking on the file name that has been created on the page, and download to your computer

Under Your blog / Import your old blog / Export you can create and download your file