How do I connect my own domain to my blog?

Your own domain on Nouw
If you want to connect a domain name to your Nouw blog you can easily do that. Please note that your own domain name will not replace your Nouw adress, but simply be an additional way for your readers to enter your blog.

How to register & connect a GoDaddy domain name to your blog:
We recommend GoDaddy when buying a domain name, but if you've bought your domain elsewhere, that works fine too! The same settings apply. Here we'll guide you through searching, finding & connecting your domain to your blog.

1. Create an account at GoDaddy.com

2. Search for a domain under Domains / Domain Name Search

3. You will get a few alternatives with your search. We chose josefinlarsen.com

4. Click on Add to cart and buy your domain

5. Click on your Username at the top right, click My Products

7. Click on DNS

8. Under DNS Management, change Value for the first row to Type: A, Name: @, Value:

9. Fill in your domain name on your Nouw account under You blog / Settings / Own domain

Please note: it will take a few hours for your domain to start working.

On GoDaddy, to search for a domain, go to: Domains / Domain Name Search

When you search for a domain name, you'll be presented with options, we chose the dot com option

This is what you see under DNS Management, and this is how your settings should look like