How do I add an automatized signature for my posts?

It's easy to create a signature to your blog. A signature is something that shows up at the very end of every blogpost. It can be anything from a photo, to an illustrated image, text or for example it can also be links to your sociala media channels.

When you create a signature on your Nouw account it will automatically be seen at the end of your posts, including all of your previous posts you have posted in the passed, too.

To create a signature for your blog, follow these steps:
1. Go to Your blog / Settings / Blog post

2. Look for the section named Signature and click Edit

3. The page you see looks the same as when you create a Page for your blog

4. Create your signature and click Publish. Go to your blog's start page and there you can see your signature at the end of every blogpost

In the example above we have chosen to write a signature with the header option, using the font "Alex Brush". Down below we have added the blogger's social links to Bloglovin, their Nouw profile and Instagram with normal text and links

The finished look!