How do I add a signature to the top menu?

How to create a sitnature for your top menu:
1. Firstly, you need to create your signature. If you don't have an editing program on your computer, there are great and free options online, Pixlr for example.

2. If you choose to use; go to Archive / New picture and then choose which size the picture should have. 300 x 100 px is used for this example. Use the text tool (T) to write your signature and to choose the right font for your blog. To save your picture, click on Archive / Save and choose PNG (transparent, full quality) for the best quality.

How to add your signature in your blog's design:
1. When you've created your signature, go to Your blog / Design. If you don't already have a top menu in your blog, you'll find it under Modules.

2. Click on your top menu and choose Add / Icon / Select icon and upload your signature image.

3. Now you can see your signature in your top menu! You can adjust the size of your signature and menu by changing the settings under the tab Style.

Instead of a link or icon, you can add your own image to your top menu

The finished result!