1. Introduction to Nouw

An introduction to the blog portal Nouw with blogger och YouTuber Katrin Berndt,


2. Start a blog

How to start a blog on Nouw.

  • Import a blog
  • Own domain name
  • Blog statistics
  • Follow blogs on Nouw


3. Write a post

Learn about Nouws smart blog tool

  • Upload images
  • Create collages
  • Justera bildmarginaler
  • Edit image margis
  • Edit text
  • Embed video
  • Change font and size of headers in blog
  • Insert HTML
  • Tag bloggers (@blog name)
  • Scheduled posts


4. Design your blog

Learn how to design a good looking blog on Nouw - using our easy to use yet powerful design tool.

  • Module in design tool
  • Choose number of columns in blog (1,2 or 3)
  • Hidden menu ("hamburger menu")
  • Move modules
  • Full size headers
  • Change design template
  • Module settings


How do I hide a column?

​Go to Your blog / Design on a computer or iPad / Tablet

Below your header you will see a ruler - click on the handle and drag it to change column size or hide it. If the column has modules in it and its hidden, a menu bar will be shown.


How do I add a top menu?

Go to Your blog / Design on a computer or iPad / Tablet

Drag the module "Top menu" and drop it where you want your top menu. Press the cog wheel to edit the top menu.

You can have automatic menu options i.e.

  • ​All categories
  • Archive (on item for each month)


You can create custom menu options with links to single categories or external URL:s​



How do I add Instagram to my blog?

To add Instagram to your blog design

Go to Your blog / Design on a computer / Tablet. Drag the module "Instagram" from the modules list. Press the cog wheel to connect to your Instagram account

When you add Instagram to your design your blog will also be shown on our Instagram toplist

Add Instagram images and videos to blog posts

When blogging from the computer you can insert images and videos from your Instagram account. 

Go to Your blog / New post on a computer or tablet. In the right column - click on the folder list and choose Instagram - then click on "Connect your Instagram now"


What is the difference between posts and pages


Posts are listed in (reverse) chronological order on the blog. Posts can be found in the Archives, Categories, Most read and Latest posts


Pages are static and are not listed by date. Pages do not use tags or categories. An About page is the most common example. The URL for a page looks like this:

How many can I have?

There is no practical limit on the number of posts or pages you can have on Nouw

How do I post to a Page?

Go to Your blog / Pages

How do I add a page to my design? 

Go to Your blog / Design (on a computer or tablet) and edit the module ”top menu”.


How to add a signature to the top menu

1. Start with a photo editor so you can do a signature picture. A great tip is to use which is free to use. There you can choose to create your own picture with your signature.

2. If you choose to use; go to Archive / New picture and then choose which size the picture should have. 300 x 100 px is used for this example. Use text tools (T) to write your signature and to choose the right font for your blog. To save your picture, click on Archive / Save and choose PNG (transparent, full quality) for the best quality.

3. Go to Your blog / Design on a computer and drag the module "Top menu" and drop it where you want your top menu. Press the cog wheel (on the right) to edit the top menu.

4. You can have automatic menu options i.e.

- Profile

- All categories

- Archive (on item for each month)

You can also choose your own text, icons for your social medias and to upload your own pictures. If you click on Icon / Arrow up is "to upload a new image click here". Choose picture and save.

5. You can go to top menu (on the left) and click on pictures to change witch size signature should have.

6. Dont forget to Save and then Publish your design

7. Now you are all set!


I'm not recieving the activation email

Note that the email may be in junk mail (spam) 

If the mail is in the spam folder, please mark it as not junk so that other important messages (eg Password Reset) do not end up there


How to set up an own domain

Register domain name

First buy the domain name from a domain registrar, we recommend

Go to Your blog / Settings / Own domain to enter the domain name and follow the instructions how to set up DNS at

If you already own a domain name

  1. Contact the company where you bought your domain and ask them to change DNS pointer to:
  2. Go to Your blog / Settings / Own domain to enter the domain name

Note that you can only use one own domain name on Nouw. You can always use URL redirect if you have more than one domain name. Your will also always be active ​


How do I import my old blog?

With our powerful import tool you can import blogs from the most common blogging platforms out there.

Export and import Wordpress blog

If your old blog is using Wordpress then we recommend that you export your blog to a file.

  1. Go to “Dashboard”
  2. Select Tools/Export
  3. Select Export XML (All content) and save the file on your computer.
  4. Upload the file on Nouw (Your blog / Import blog).

Import from other blog portals

Go to Your blog / Import blog and and follow the instructions


Ping your blog

Nouw automatically pings your blog URL to different services after posts are published. 

This is done with "xml-rpc" to the following services

  • ​Google
  • Twingly
  • Ping-o-Matic


How do i see unique visitors?

On Your blog / Statistics you can see

  • Viewed posts
  • Written blog posts
  • Nouw followers
  • Blogkeen followers

Per week, month, 100 days or total

If you add a Blogkeen button to your blog you will also see Unique Visitors

  1. Go to search for your blog
  2. Press "This is my blog" and follow the instructions (on iPad / tablet or computer)
  3. Paste the code into the module called "Widgets" in
    Your blog/design (this module is normally in the left column of your blog, see example below).

Write posts

How do you embed HTML code into posts?

Start by edit a blog post, choose text box.

Press "More", then "<>HTML" 

Paste the HTML code inte the text box.

Press "<>HTML" after you have pasted the code

NOTE: HTML with "script" tags is not supported on Nouw, please use alternative code without script-tags

Write posts

I cant upload images

Image format must be JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP.

Animated GIF has to be less then 2MB

Write posts

Affiliate links

Affiliate links in cooperation with Metapic helps you as a reader to easily find to shop for the products you see. While the blogger gets paid for his work.

Sometimes bloggers get paid per click, sometimes when there is a purchase, and sometimes not at all.

Bloggers choose freely among hundreds of stores and millions of products to recommend the right things they like.