Dresses (finally).

Here they are! I finally photographed my dresses for my ball and graduation, and I'm about to show you. I hope you're excited as crap.

My ball gown, a light pink Chiara Forthi dress. x

My first graduation dress, a white dress also by Chiara Forthi. x

And my second graduation dress, a tight lace dress by an unknown designer. x

Why am I wearing two graduation dresses? Because I bought both and loved both and I can't choose. So I'm wearing the loose, sleeveless dress during the day, and the tight dress in the evening for going out. #compromise #amirite

I'll finally get to wear my ball gown on June 3rd, and the graduation dresses on June 10th. Getting painfully close. #omg #imhavingaveryhashtaggydaytodayitseems

Still need to buy shoes, bags(?), jewellery, and a light jacket to wear in the morning on graduation day. And I've got barely a month to do it. #killmenow #omg #1like1prayer #pray4me #stopitelise #pullyourselftogether