Why Is Tezos Regarded The Top Stable Cryptocurrency?

Tezos, also represented as XTZ, is a network of blockchain connected with its native crypto coin Tez. The base of Tezos does not lie on Tez mining.

Rather, the holders of the token get the reward for becoming a part of the PoS consensus technique.

Promising Debut

Tezos made a remarkable debut with its ICO launch that became successful.

It was affected by various delays and legal matters.

But it did not fail at the time of the bear market and survived.

It was all because of its standout PoS technique.

The price of Tez cryptocurrency increased 3 times for two years (2019-2020) with high records.

During February last year, Tezos once again gained attention.

Brief Facts Of Tezos

Just like BTC and ETH, Tezos also make the best use of digital ledger technology, blockchain.

Akin to the second most popular cryptocurrency, Ethereum, the framework of Tezos is done for smart contracts utility.

Why Is It A Stable Cryptocurrency?

Tezos is a stable cryptocurrency.

And it is all because it has the potential to survive the volatile attack which is not possible for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or any other.

Does It Make a Good Choice For Investment?

If you are thinking from a long-term investment perspective, then yes, Tezos would certainly make a good choice to invest in.

According to Tezos price prediction for 2021, it might reach the target of $4.56 by the month-end.