The Idea Behind Culturally Responsive Teaching

If you remember your school days and all the studies you have done. Do you think it has done anything good for you culturally? If students see their community or the values in it, then the whole point of this education might prove to be right. Otherwise, it is all the education on a piece of paper that we see. The whole point of culturally responsive teaching is to input the value of diversified cultures that we are leading in India. As per the latest education news, it is not new in the field of education that people need to adapt. It was already there in our system. As time passed everything changed. The textbooks that we read today are a compilation of all the cultural values embedded in the history of India. But the harsh reality is that it is mentioned only in textbooks. There are no hard rules to follow it. Students have started learning it because they need to clear their education pyramid and not because they need to learn something out of it.

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