Reviewing Everstryke Match

When it comes to browsing for fire equipment, then it must be acquainted with user-friendly features.

The product must not be so complicated in use, water-resistant can be transported simply, and most importantly should be for a long time plus a bankable asset.

So today I bring you the everstryke match review revealing its important features.

Everstryke Match
  • Everstryke match comes featured with a Ferro rod acquainted with a basic kit for fire use.

  • The striking ranges more than 2,000 degrees and burning flame up to six hundred degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Every match has the potential of 15k strikes

Promising Features
  • Everstyke match has a minor clip made of metal letting it connect with a keyring.

  • So now you have the reason to carry it along with your pocket comfortably or with a keyring.

  • The metal match when hit with a Ferro rod explodes sparking with 3K Fahrenheit degree and burning flame at 600 degrees.

  • If you are expecting the long-term use of the Everstryke match, then you are thinking right.

  • With its O-shaped rings on threads, it becomes much helpful in storing the fuel from evaporation.

Note: The Everstyke match does not come inbuilt with fuel. You should add it first.


The origin of this metal match product is from China.