Is NEO A Better Choice For Investment?

There is no doubt in witnessing the popularity of NEO in the Asian market. And this is the main big reason behind its rise in the crypto market.

The team behind the NEO has been making efforts in bringing modifications into it.

The emergence of the N3 upgrade can be cited as a perfect example of the constant working of the development team.

Hence NEO makes it among the top developments for the development of decentralized apps.

What Makes NEO Gain Attention of Chinese Government?

It seems very inquisitive to know how NEO has become the center of attention for the Chinese government.

NEO has made it possible to make the Chinese government take a stance on cryptocurrency is getting special attention.

This brings a positive sign for the NEO token in terms of its price and performance in the market. Investors certainly find it interesting.

Other Important Aspects

Other essential aspects of NEO set it in a good rank in the market.

When it comes to comparison with Ethereum, then NEO makes it easier in the creation of smart contracts.

Another point is that it is supportive of programming languages like Java and C++. So yes, it makes a good investment choice.


Many novice crypto enthusiasts search to find out how much gas Neo generates. GAS is known to be the substitute token of NEO.

It generates 2 million blocks with the reduction of production rate by 1 token.

Final words

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