Bitcoin Creating Waves With High Value

It is obvious that whenever something trends, it gets notified in Google trends. This shows people’s interest in exploring it.

Going back to the year 2017, a new wave became the hot topic in Google trends. And it was none other than Bitcoin becoming a subject of interest for many on Google search.

Although, it already began its operation on 3rd January 2009, but got much-driving attention and popularity in the four years ago in the last two months.

The value of Bitcoin soared higher to American fiat currency touching approximately $19K.

With Bitcoin, people became much interested in brushing up their knowledge on various topics including what is HODL in crypto?

Well, this term sounds like an incorrect version of the word ‘Hold’ but let me tell you it has become a popular slang in the crypto-verse.

The beginning of last year (2020) came with a bad phase for economic structure worldwide. But what surprised everyone was the rise of Bitcoin once again with $7,200.

The year came with the pandemic virus COVID-19 that badly affected the economy all around the world stirring fear among the investors. But Bitcoin continued to its rising pace and traded around $18K in November.

Then in January 2021, it crossed the target of $40K. Since 2009, people have become familiar with the ongoing trends in the crypto world and searching for topics like which is the best cryptocurrency to HODL?