Hi :))
It's been a while since my last update haha,because I have been busy with school works and it was also spring break last week as "sportlov"we called it in Sweden

So it was a holiday for 9 days and I've spend 4 days in somewhere in Sweden that is close to Norway skiing 🎿 :))

It was fun but it's been 2 years before this time i have been skiing so I was a bit nervous haha but it went pretty well after the first day:)))

And the other days I have been to shopping and stay at home to relaxed my legs after skiing ❤

Might have an update on my art project-wings tomorrow :)

Puss puss

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currently i'm working on wings for my art project and the comparative study of three different artworks by different artist which I've been struggling with it but i'll find my way to sort it out:))

I'd like to share my process of my art project with you guys<3<3

btw the model in the middle is not not gonna be there in the final piece,I'm thinking of using mirror in the middle which might be cool...

I'm doing these wings in colours later on;))

This is the comparative study i've been and still working on:)))

this was when first started it ,and the wings was unequal haha--->



It is always nice to have some tb to the good memories ,Malta was such a beautiful place <3<3

​Would definely go to malta again if i have a chance<3




It's monday again,appearingly it's everyone's "favourite" day of the week..YAY!!

Since it's valentine's day tomorrow and sadly i'm gonna spend the valentine's day alone this year again😌😌 ,but my family and I went out for dinner and celebrated it tonight which is always nice to go out after a long day of school on Monday:))

(I wrote this post yesterday heheh)

Update:I have a BM test tmr which I haven't been studying so I'm gonna work hard tonight on Valentine's day😅😅

Happy Valentine's Day y'all ❤❤



Godmiddag !As they say in Swedish:)

i thought it would be nice to share my favourite sneaker with you guys<3<3.

So those are from Adidas and the full name of it is "Adidas Superstar J White Hologram Iridescent GS & PS AQ6278 ", in case you guys are interested in it:))

I love them since the day one i brought them ,those can literally goes with any kinds of outfits which is one of the reason why i love them so muh.I got those in summer when i was back in HongKong but i thinks they have them in Sweden now as well,wohooo 




I've always wanted to start a blog ,so here i am!!! I'm so excited to share my life with you ,so as my first post on my blog i would like to share some pictures of my precious life as a boarder:))

As i've mentioned in my description box i was an "intern"which basically means boarding student at SSHL(I'm became an extern now) ,and the wonderful boarding house that i have lived in was called Björka.)))