(Sorry, I thought I posted this but guess not haha.. 4 months later, here ya go!)


Okay so now when that's taken care of, let's write about my trip to the US over winter break.. I think me and my host parents had been planning it since september/october and I decided it was going to be a secret because I wanted to surprise everyone over there (which I did) and it melts my heart to look back at all the wonderful, funny, loving reactions people got when they saw me. Not to be forgotten is how incredibly happy I became when I saw them too!

So what did I do? Well.. I didn't really plan things because I really just wanted to BE THERE. And it was amazing how normal everything felt, it was like I never left. I did have a lot of catching up to do though so I hung out with friends a lot, went kickboxing with my sisters and dad, went to some fctc practices and worked out with the Poudre track team which brought me to tears because I love that team so much. Sad to not be there for this season but I'll be cheering on them from the other side of the world.

For christmas, unfortunately, I got sick so I didn't have a lot of energy. But I recieved so many beautiful things from my parents(both swedish and american) and had an AMAZING breakfast which involved fruits and a crossiant. After breakfast and opening presents we went to Nora's to open a few more and then me, Mase, Turn and Dad went to the springs to meet up with the rest of the Wecks family. It was awesome and I had a lot of fun even though I slept for like 5 hours in the afternoon. It was so nice seeing everyone again!

The next day we went back home to foco to see Sam and Julie who had just arrived from Cali! I've missed them so much! We did a lot of fun things like working out, shopping, watching movies but mostly eating tbh, which is awesome because Sam and I would binge on cookies and cereal and it felt GREAT haha. And honestly I don't think I ever laugh more than when I hang out with them!

For new years we went bowling which is a family tradition I didn't have the chance to attend last year since I was in Cali but it was fun! We ate fries, pizza, burritos etc. for dinner and after this we went home to Nora's and ate cookies and watched the ball drop. We played a bit of cards againt humanity too which was as fun as always!

The last week I don't recall everything but I basically just enjoyed my time there and hung out a lot with Allie. I visited Poudre and said hi to teachers and students. For my last night Allie came over and then we ate Lamar's donuts (I ate 4 haha) and they were delish as excpected!

During my trip home I was so bored because it took about 30 hours... At the final destination, Gothenburg, Pappa and Lotta were waiting for me and we took a fika and then I drove home. It was roughly 11.30pm on a Thursday and they were both very tired but I (who hadn't slept at all) was perfectly fine. Probably because it was daytime for me.

Worth to mention is a funny thing and I almost got stopped in security because of this... My scented candle.

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​a longer post will come but I just wanted to update y'all and say that I'm back! The reason I didn't write about it here is because it was a surprise to my sisters so thay couldn't find out! I couldn't link their surprise video but here's one of me surprising my best friend AllieMore surprise-videos will come and I'll tell you everything! Stay tuned, xoxo



Hey blog, and hey to whoever is reading this.

My life has been very good since I last wrote, and it's been super busy, but that´s a good thing according to me. I'm working at a BBQ&bar in town and that's a great experience. School is going pretty well and I'm trying to stay interested in every class to not lose focus completely, haha. Track pre-season is starting and I'm feeling motivated and in good shape for this coming indoor season. I also have a boyfriend whom I spend a lot of time with and I am very thankful that he's in my life aswell as for my friends.

Although I have a good life here in Sweden I miss America (No shit Linnea, that's literally all you talk about) and I know I say it all the time and people are getting bored with me by this time. I seriously don't know what to do though cause if I can't speak of it, I can't tell people about the real me because it honestly made me to a totally different person. Whenever I describe something I call the time period either "Before USA" or "after USA" because I changed and my view on things changed and I got a different perspective on a lot of stuff and I like that. But seriously it's whatever. I just needed to vent since I don't really feel like bothering people anymore. So thankful for both of my families everyday, it truly is a blessing to know people from all around the world, even though it hurts, and this couldn't have been possible without both of them. Love to you<3

EXCITING!!!! Isa (Finland) is coming here tomorrow and I'm so happy about that!! We feel the same^^ and we understand each other so we will definitely have a great time and we'll be able to just go coloradical all over the place! In 3 weeks I'm going down to Siri for a weekend with her and Jenny which I'm stoked about too! So we'll all be fine when we have each other. It's nice knowing you're not alone :)

Ima go to bed now, goodnight and have a great day!

Jenny, Siri and I

​Isa and I



I just need to vent a little. About excitement, and some other feelings.

I am so incredibly excited right now because I've found a girl, her name is Anna, who actually goes to Poudre this year as an exchange student! I love following her blog because I can relate to everything and I see my friends on her ´pictures which is so weird and so awesome! There's also another girl names Felicia who lives in foco but she goes to Ridgeview. And then there's these other exvhange students who goes to school in Colorado and the coolest thing is that they go to schools that I remember competing against. It's such a weird feeling because I remember what they feel now. Excited to create their new world in the U.S. and the start of their new life. I wish I could do it all over again because it went by so incredibly fast and I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that I think of it all the time of every day. I wish them all the luck in the world and hope they get to have a year as amazing as I thought mine was!

So that's what's exciting. What's not is that I really really miss my American life. Some friends are starting to tell me to let it go but the thing is. I can't. And I most certainly don't want to. That was the best year of my life. I try not to talk about it too much but if I wouldn't talk about the U.S. at all I would have nothing to say. Look at it this way: Of course I compare or relate everything to America, that's literally been my life for a year. It has changed me to the better and I've experienced so much during such a short period of time. You would talk about it too. I think one big reason that I think about it so much is because I'm scared to forget. I'm scared to death when I have the feeling tat it was only just a dream and that I didn't really go. I'm scared that this person I've become will go away and instead the old me will take a step forward and come back. That all I've been trough and all the experience I've gained is going to be lost. That can't happen.

I'm sorry that I'm stuck in my life over there. But actually I don't think I am. I love that place. I love the people there. I loved who I became. Who I still am. And who I hope to be for a long time. I am who I am because of who we are. We are Poudre. There's nothing I would change, every moment was the best moments of my life and now I truly know how it feels to be HOME.

This doesn't have anything to do with family here. I'm always afraid I will hurt someone by saying this but I can't keep everything inside and nobody wants to listen to me backstabbing my own country so here ya go blog. I really did fit in there. And I don't mean that I was one among many it was just that feeling you know? When you're home and you just get that feeling of peace and harmony. It's gold. My personality, did not even become, but was from the beginning, ONE with the down-to-earth culture of Colorado. My heart smiled everyday. I became a better person, a better me, because of how nice people were. I opened up and the ice melted. I passed forward and tried to be the best person that I could be, and to thank God everyday for this life and for opportunity. I met amazing people who helped shape me to who I am and Young Life who showed me what love and compassion is.

Thankfulness. No remorse. Love.

Thanks for listening to this mess. There's nothing making sense but it's nice to get it out of my head.



Some pictures from JSM in Kalmar this weekend. It was a blast and so fun to be back on track again! Third in the 400mh! 100mh prelims went great but in the final I messed up the first hurdle and fell so that kinda sucked



Today is Wednesday and on Monday it was the 1 year anniversary with my American family. How I miss them! We skyped a couple of days before and it was so great to see them and speak a little english! I don't think a lot of people understand how awesome it feels to speak english when you're in your home country again! I've seen tweets written by other exchange students where they get happy when they've had a costumer from another country with whom they had to speak english with. It's exactly like that for me too!

I'm not sure if anyone even reads this blog anymore but I thought I could write here to deal with homesickness to the U.S. and other stuff that has to do with America. Or I'll make a new blog for my track and field life. I'll see what I'll do :)

comment if there's anything you want me to write about, anything you want to know about Sweden or America. TAKE CARE! :D

​Me and Turn <3



I haven't been writing here at all because I just don't know what to say. I haven't really felt anything. I came home and it's all the same. It feels like I haven't even been gone except everyone I know just looks a lot older and more different but they're the same, and my room's the same, and the house, my family, the track, soccer field and my city. But I'm not. I'm not the same at all.

Until just about an hour ago everything was ok. It's been pretty okay ever since I came home because I've been busy with work, soccer, track and friends. I haven't been sleeping much this week and I've been home alone. I watched some videos, that all of you (American friends) recorded for me at my goodbye party, for the second time and this time I couldn't hold myself together. So I turned it off because I've been fine so far. Tonight I worked hard at practice, forgot to eat lunch and were extremely tired and I saw a picture of a great adventure in America and I just lost it. I miss my friends so much and all their genuine nice comments all the time. They're all good-hearted and the nicest people I've ever met in my life. I'm so glad I got to know you all. I miss my coaches who always push me to become better while also being sarcastic and tell funny jokes. I miss to answer "the mountains" to the question of where I live. I miss getting to talk to random strangers and smiling to people I don't know and actually getting a smile back, I miss how proud America is and to watch football and baseball even though I don't understand a thing. I miss all the little things...

But most of all, in these tears of sadness and joy at the same time, I miss my american family SO SO MUCH. I just need one of those bad jokes from dad and a hug and a grilled cheese sandwich with pickles. And that comment "look at you, our trilingual swede" from mom when I ask donde esta something. And turners simple "u wanna watch something?" while we're painting our nails. And masons (at that time annoying, haha) funny voices and weird words (e.g. ratchet), laughs and crêpes.

I miss barking dogs and amazing views, eating granola bars and put stuff in zip lock bags. I miss my bed, the couch, the comfy chair in the sun room, the bar stools in the kitchen. I miss everything.

Thanks for making it such a great life in the U.S. that my heart decided to stay. I'll be back soon because I don't know him much longer I can feel like this. I love you so much and I watch the videos, look in the photo book and re-watch memories all the time. It was the best days of my life. Thanks to everyone of you. I LOVE YOU.

With Love, Linnea❤️



I've been in Sweden for a week now. It's been good to see family and friends and playing soccer again, though it's hard because I miss my family and friends. I think it will get better with time and it makes me feel better that I know I'll visit sometime. Here's some pictures from my last couple of days when we had a family dinner and I ate "Rocky Mountain Oyster's" (THEY ARE NOT OYSTERS) aka bulls balls...



Today is the first day I didn't have to wake up early and I still managed to have to go pee at 7am, yay me! Good thing though since I had a little extra time to skype with mamma in Sweden. Since last week I think I built up a wall or something beause I can't really understand at all what's about to happen. I seriously can't believe that I'll leave this wonderful life of mine in a few days which might be good, but I'm expecting a huge breakdown in the near future and it will be ugly. Yesterday went to xc run at 7am and had to say goodbye to everyone. I coulnd't cry because it doesn't feel real. I also had to say goodbye to my best friend Sayed, from Egypt, whom I love so incredibly much.. We couldn't cry.

So what have I been up to this past week? Let's see…

….Me and Kaylie have been running in track but this particular practice we had to take shelter from hail as big as raspberries and thunder that sounded like gunshots

...Me, Sam and Mason were planning on hiking Horestooth but lightning, thunder and rain abruptly ruined that plan so we went to take a picture instead which turned out good. We god pretty soaked though but anything for a good picture, right?

…I've been having tons of fun with Maseballs and laughed 'til my abs grew 10 times bigger. Went to Isa's goodbye party even though I'll see her tonight and tomorrow but had to say goodbye to Ashley and Savannah. Hung out with Preston and Mason at Jacey's. Been holding Mason's hand in the car since we're getting married so I can stay in the U.S

...Went camping in Jake's backyard with wonderful people. Priscilla especially.. I'll miss her so much :(

…Hiked Horsetooth Falls with Carissa until lighting appeared and ruined our plans to hike the Rock too. Estelle and Emma (cousins) came here and we went and got Froyo and the next day Ben&Jerry's "Hot Fudge Core Sundae" and that was probably the richest ice cream I've ever gotten. I was full after the whip cream and m&m's haha..

…Hiked down to the Reservoir and dived in with Will and Lu after practice(where I had to say goodbye to Katherine among others). We also bought bagels at Gib's and when I looked at the wall I see Foppa!! Freaking Awesome! It was 29 degrees Celsius fyi and it felt wonderful. Mathilda had a freakout session and it made me super happy, Love you!<3

..Drove back to horestooth after Lu dropped me of at Poudre where Delaney and Savannah were. We had so much fun tanning on Delaney's boat and swimming in the not-too-cold water!

...Said goodbye to both Jenny and Sayed.. Damn these goodbyes I hate them. The third picture's second line is literally how my life is right now. I never sleep because I want to hang out with people or do stuff here as much as I can before I'm gone. sooo me Delaney, Mason, Preston, Madi, Ty and Tyler went night swimming which was awesome and worth all the bug bites we got! Today I have practice and then I'm going to the drive in movie. I was suposed to meet up with xc kids but I don't have a ride to them which sucks.. Hope I can see them again before. Have a great day!



​Åtta dagar kvar i USA. Helt sjukt vad tiden gick fort! Igår var det sveriges nationaldag och idag fyller farmor och brorsan år. Börjar bli ivrig att krama om familjen nu. Det största problemet just nu är packning och hur sjutton jag ska få hem alltihop… Hoppas det löser sig.

Vill ännu en gång tacka hela min familj och släkt i Sverige för allt stöd och hjälp jag fått och behövt för att komma hit och varit "able" att åka på det har året. Bästa saken i mitt liv och jag älskar er allihopa. Puss och Kram på er <3



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