I haven't been posting anything lately since I had so much going on with my life. One of the hardest thing was the death of my cat. It was so hard for me cause of course a pet is a dear member of your family and her death came so sudden that we couldn't have anticipated it. But life goes on so now Im gonna focus on my main thing in this post!

So my boyfriend gave me a sport watch as Christmas present. I have never had one so this is completely new thing for me. I've only used it for a week now, but im in love. I trust everyone at least somehow knows what you can do with you're sport watch so Im not gonna give a speech about it, but Im gonna list my pro's and cons with it.

1. This is my favourite thing of all. Sleep tracker. I love it that now I can just look at my watch to see how long I've been sleeping and the quality of it.

2. Tracker of steps, calories etc. I know know this is the idea of the whole watch, but still since I've never had one Its super awesome that now I can keep track on my steps and everything else. It really motivates more to work out.

3. This feature is not in every sport watches and that's why I love my watch even more cause I can download music into my watch, so with Bluetooth headphones it's easy to just take my watch with me to gym or anywhere and I dont have to use phone or separate music player. This isn't big deal for everyone, but for me it's really nice feature :)

1. One thing that I hate the most is that for example the step tracker shows over-exaggerated results. In the morning when I woke up and walk to kitchen which is like 7 steps away from our bedroom the watch shows almost 20 steps. Yeah I know that it can't be exactly right with the results, but I kinda hate that you can't blindly trust it cause it adds so much extra.

2. Battery life. Of course it all depends on how you use it. The heart and sleep tracker use battery more than if you would just activate it when working out, but what's the point of it if you don't use the most of it's features.

These are only my opinions based on my own watch and there are many kind of watches so they are all different with unique features etc ;)

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Feels like forever when I last time thought about writing here. Last week was so busy that I was exhausted after work and we had a million places to visit such as parents and grandparents oh gosh :D At least didn't have too cook myself.

As for the presents...Me and my boyfriend only bought one gift for each other. I got a Tom tom sport watch (I could do a blog post for this one) and for him I got a new gaming mouse Logitech G903 :D We got something little from parents as well such as coffee and all kind of shower gels and shampoos xD Not complaining though since I don't have to buy any.

I guess that's pretty much it. Next year I have to prepare myself better for Christmas since I didn't do any decoration and I bought all the presents in the nick of time.



Man presents are tricky thing for me cause I rarely give any presents to guys. Actually I have only given gifts for my boyfriend and his gifts are always gaming related...

Miesten lahjat on minulle erittäin hankalia, koska harvemmin tulee annettua miehille lahjoja. Ainoat miesten lahjat on annettu poikaystävälle joka tykkää vain pelaamiseen liittyvistä lahjoista...

1. Nintendo switch

Nintendo switch or any kind of game console is fine. Of course these are quite expensive so I'd only give this kind of present for boyfriend.

2. Sport watch

For a fitness guy is this is a ''must have''. Works for woman as well ;)

3. Gaming mouse

Gaming related thing once again, but if your man or friend is a gamer a new gaming mouse is nice :) Also headset works too.

4. Beer

 This one is more like funny plus to add for gift basket if you want to add something extra :)

5. Shaver

This always comes in handy (if guy has a beard). i personally like to give this kind of ''useful'' gifts.



I usually have problem with Christmas presents when I don't know what to buy for everyone. This year I have a lot of gift ideas. These ideas are only something that I would give for my friends and family.

Mulla on usein ongelma joululahjojen suhteen, kun en tiedä mitä osta toisille lahjaksi. Tänä vuonna kuitenki oli paljon erilaisia lahjaideoita mielessä mitä haluaisin toteuttaa. Nämä on siis vain asioita mitä itse antaisin lahjaksi.

1. Skin treatment.

I personally love skin treatment products. It's so wonderful to give and receive different body scrubs and shower gels etc. I usually have ''spa days'' at home when I just relax and treat myself with all kinds of skin treatment products.

2. Sweets

This is something that I think never fails when giving Christmas presents. Although sweets are for eating and therefore you can only enjoy them for a little time, but still I'd appreciate if someone would come to me with nice chocolate box or fudges :)

3. Perfumes & Scents.

This is kinda basic gift. At least I think I get a new perfume every year from someone, but still it's a nice gift

4. Scented candle.

Although I love these myself I'd only give these to someone that really loves to use scented candles, cause not everyone likes to have house/room smell, besides some of these have really strong smell.

5. Sport watch.

For a fitness freak this is perfect if one doesn't have one yet. Need to explain why? I think not!



We came back from the Amsterdam a week ago. Time flies so fast :D. I love the city and could definitely go back anytime! ;) This was my first trip to abroad ever and Amsterdam is so much different than Finland (obviously).

Architecture is so lovely. All the old buildings and streets. It feels so funny when almost everybody travels with bikes. I also love that people there are so helpful. We were kinda ''lost'' onetime there, but one woman so kindly offered us help. Not gonna happen in Finland xD

Anyway enjoy the pictures!

Tultiin vihdoin takaisin Amsterdamista. Aika menee niin nopeasti. Amsterdam on ihana kaupunki ja voisin todellakin mennä tuonne uudestaan. Tää oli mun ihan eka ulkomaan reissu koskaan.

Amsterdam on niin erilainen kaupunki kuin Suomi (tietenkin). Arkkitehtuuri on ihanaa. Kaikki rakennukset ja kadut on todella hienoja. Ihmiset pyörillä. Tuntuu niin hassulta kun siellä kaikki pyöräilee. Ihmiset on myös todella avuliaita. Oltiin yhdessä vaiheessa vähän eksyksissä, mutta eräs nainen ystävällisesti tarjos apua ilman, että tarvi edes pyytää. Ei tapahtuisi Suomessa XD

Joka tapauksessa nauttikaa kuvista!