Happy new year everyone!

I hope you all had a grate 2017 and that you are looking forward to an amazing 2018! I've made a list of some of my highlights in 2017.

10 of 100 greatest things that happened in 2017

1. WM Worlds Championship 2017 I was taken out to sail and reprecent the Swedish national teams at WM 2017 in Helsingborg.

2. Göteborgsvarvet and Vårruset was two of the running races I competed in.

3. Travel. Me and my best childhood friend traveled around Sweden.

4. Winner of LTR 2017. My team, me and Oscar Andresson won the sailing race Lilla Tjörn Runt 2017. We won over the highest ranked sailors in Sweden.

5. Festival Premiere. Me and my friend went to the premiere opening of the Skellefteå Stadsfestival.

6. Film Movie Extras I was a part of the Ted Gärdestad movie.

7. Leaving Home. I lived all by myself for four weeks up in Idrefjäll and that was a really good experience. From how to take responsibility for myself, take care of the household, shopping, laundry, fixing my skis for training and raceing, getting up in time, planning lunch and training and how to get to the slopes. And not to forget, all studying online. Guess I´ve learned a lot.

8. Top Grades All my study, all summer finally made some results. I've got the highest grades in year eight in Häggvallsskolans history!

9. Little Miss Essie. Me and my brother got a Cockerspaniel puppy for Christmas present. She´s called Essie, go and check her instagram @littlemissessie

10. Fast and furious. I´m the fastest girl in the district in DH, störtlopp.

This is from Åre when I had a downhill race on my birthday!

I also wanted to share three things that I'm most proud of in the past year. The first thing was that I were studying during my summer vacation. That was necessary for me so I could be able to be off from school and do what I love, skiing, for seventy days. That recuried shifted study time so I could have my summer vacation in November.

I'm also very proud for my grades and that they actually are the best in year eight in Häggvallskolans history.
I've learned to stand up for myself and to never take negativity from my surroundings and that is one of my best advices for everyone nomatter age.

The hardest things this year was when a friend of our family passed away and another friend got a deadly disease. I also took some distance from my father to figure out who I am and what I think is important.

​Winner of Tjörn Runt 2017 and one of the top sailors in Sweden! This is just my secondary sport.

I've been thinking about what I would have done less or more of the past year and my conclusion is following points...

Do less of:

• Take negativity from my surroundings.

• Fight with my brother.

• Care what people think about me and what I'm doing.

Do more of:

• Walk my own way without get influced by other people who don't share my goals.

• Take risks and believe in myself and my talents.

• Give myself more credit for my efforts and work.

One of my gratest memory's this year started I July when me and my best friend Emmie were going on our Sweden trip. It all started on the train station I Gothenburg together with my little brother, and our destination was Stockholm. Emmie and I had got promision to borrow my grandparents apartment I Gammlastan, which was perfect for us! We lived there over the weekend and we had one of the best times in our life's. We were shopping, eating out, staying up late and had a lot of fun!

After the weekend we took a flight to Skellefteå to visit my grandparents. We lived in one of their guest houses and we did everything from sunbathing, sailing and training, to joining my grandmother in her art gallery and had our festival debut.

This memory describes, according to me, the perfect summer without any doubt!

Me and Elaine Eksvärd, my sister, mentor and Swedens best rhetorician.

My expectations and goals for 2018 are to do my very best in skiing for having the opportunity to enter Elit Academy Malung. Next goal is to get all through straight A's.

My best piece of advice to myself in 2018 is: You have one life, just go for it!