Many times, patients encounter our cosmetic surgery clinic here in Missouri looking for facial rejuvenation. But they're torn since they are not prepared for a complete facelift, however other nonsurgical options won't provide them the results they need. I'm one of a couple of board-certified plastic surgeons in St. Louis who provide a process known as a"Next Day Lift." This can be a less invasive procedure that needs very little downtime, but nevertheless provides amazing outcomes. Let us look at what the two processes provide:

Conventional FACELIFT

Traditional facelift operation really lifts skin, and sometimes the underlying muscles and fat into a more youthful position. The facelift procedure starts with a comprehensive preliminary examination and also customized surgical program, with the aim of achieving natural-looking outcomes. A facelift can fix issues such as:

Excessive, sagging skin in the lower portion of the facial skin

A tired facial appearance

Heavy wrinkles and lines at the middle and lower portions of the facial skin

reduction of elasticity and muscle tone of the face

Lack of young chin and neck shapes

A facelift can offer remarkable effects, but patients need to understand that this operation require substantial downtime and take their own healing seriously. To help expedite the recovery process, our clinic utilizes rapid recovery methods. But most folks should expect to eliminate about 10 times from work and other daily duties after the first recovery period, a lot of men and women continue to experience minor bruising or swelling for a moment. Thus, to get optimum outcomes, it's crucial to allow yourself lots of time to rest and recover.


Even though a complete facelift may significantly enhance the effects of aging, a Third Day Lift is fantastic for those searching for more subtle alterations that need less downtime. Specifically, a Next Day Lift helps patients achieve a more youthful look by lifting and tightening the throat and lower half of their facial skin, reducing sagging skin, and softening wrinkles. . When you come in for consultation, we'll assess the state of your neck and face and also recommend a treatment program that suits your requirements.

The process itself is done under local anesthesia. This means quicker recovery time, diminished esophageal nausea, along with other advantages. Moreover, the incisions are somewhat shorter compared to the incisions to get a conventional facelift, which helps them stay discreet.

Normally, most people resume work and normal daily tasks within 4 days. I counsel my patients to thoroughly follow pre and post-op care directions to decrease the chance of complications and also promote quicker recovery.

Patients frequently unite a Next Day Growth with injectable remedies like BOTOX® and dermal fillersfor much more comprehensive facial rejuvenation. If in the future you need further rejuvenation, then you can decide on a complete facelift. On the other hand, the results in the Next Day Lift will probably be long lasting.

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