Healthy food

There are certainly more people than me who likes a fresh and refreshing drink every now and then. Especially now in the summer.

I have as I previously mentioned excluded most of the sugar in the food I eat. I have therefore been looking for something to drink other than water.
I was therefore obviously excited when I found a drink called "Zeroh! It has a taste of Lemon and Lime.
There are more flavors like: Orange and golden berry, strawberry and red orange, wild raspberry and a couple more flavors.
I´ll have to give them a try another time and I promise to come back and tell me what I thought about them.

Zeroh! The bottle should contain zero kcal, no sugar, natural color and aroma.

So how did it taste? Absolutely amazing!
A glass with a little ice in it snd then you just enjoy. Just fresh and delicious.

I really recommend you to buy a bottle in the nearest supermarket if you can find it. 😀

??Love Vivi