When life is tough!

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We have all experienced days when everything feels heavy, it can be at the gym, at home, at work or all at the same time.

You just want to sleep until everything is fine, everything feels black.

People says you have to deal with the setbacks correctly, it can be difficult, but I know it's better. It's hard to think positively when it's tough, but everything gets easier if you try.
A wise woman once told me "out of everything terrible, anything heavy comes something good".

But right now, when it's like the toughest, I must allow myself to feel bad, while I struggle not to drown.
I have two teenagers to think about, they make me not give up, they keep me up.

I am an expert on "putting on a mask" outwards. People think everything is fine, but it's not. Only those who know me very good look through the mask.

It feels like the only thing that keeps me up right now is my children, my goals, my dreams and my persistence. I know who I can trust around me, I know who is false, I know who wants me bad.

I have decided not to let them win, me and my children and my "real friends" will win.

I'm stubborn, I'm strong but sometimes I have to be weak ... and I'm now ... but I'll be back.

I promise you...

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??Love Vivi