Welcome to my world!

Healthy food, Fibromyalgi, Fitness

I have been working on this project, my new blog for a while now. But the idea came to me back in winter.

So who am I then and what do I want with this blog? Let me just say that I am absolutely not an expert and I don´t believe I am. I just want to share what works for me and for which I am passionate. Others will certainly think differently about some things, but that is obvious and doesn`t bother me.

I’m a little crazy and wacky and a lightly confused girl who tries to get life and myself in order. I´m 42 years old and a caring teen mom with a big heart, too big sometimes. I have a tendency to ”forget” myself in the eagerness to help others and be ”miss good”. I need to learn how to say ”no” both privately and at work.

I should also mention that I`m Swedish so you`ll need to excuse minor faults in my writing. 😉 I`ll get better of course. I have various reasons for writing in English. It would of course be a lot easier to just write in Swedish and settle for the Swedish readers, but I wish to help as many as I can and get better at writing in English.

Another reason is that my sons are planning on moving to Los Angeles. It´s been their dream for as long as I can remember. My eldest son is starting his IB program this fall which is an international program and English is the only language spoken there.

Another thing that you should know about me is that I suffer from fibromyalgia and high blood pressure. I have also suffered from fatigue syndrome three times since 2006.

I have very high demands on myself and because of that I have read about these diagnoses to understand them a bit more.

A friend told me that I have only one body and I should take care of it.

That's when I started thinking. What do I do with my body? What do I put in it?

I started reading online on various health pages and I also read books on health and healthy food, lifestyle changes and fitness.

I know that a combination of these things makes me feel better, my illnesses are kept in check and I become stronger in the body but also mentally.

I started excluding sugar, gluten, potatoes, pasta and fat and I drastically reduced the dairy products. All "sweet" dairy products disappeared and were replaced by fat free cottage cheese and quark without sugar and more. This has ended all of my cravings for sugar. I have also reduced the amount of coffee drastically. The most important cup is in the morning. 😀 I started drinking a lot of tea instead. Tea with lemon and ginger or with mint and nettles are the ones I like the most.

With this came a training schedule that I made with the help of a physiotherapist to get as good as possible. My training consists of gym visits, swimming and powerwalks.

I´ve been doing this for awhile now and the changes in my life has made me feel more alert, although I also have periods where I am super tired due to fatigue.

But I am as stubborn as they come and I know that I can reach my goals.

is not looking to be super slim but my goal is to become so strong I can only in the body to be able to feel good.

I think that if the body feels good, head and psyche are also good.

This is my first post and there will be many more to come. I´ll try to post a few a day and my posts will usually be about my thoughts, breakfast, dinner/lunch and training or something else that I come up with...

You`ll get to know me better along the way, but It feels like this was a good start! 🙂

Feel free to press the "Follow" button and I will be super happy! Have a lovely Friday everyone!😀

I borrowed the pictures from the internet.

??Love Vivi