Tuseday morning!


Good morning!
It's Tuesday and the clock rang early as usual. The apartment was so quiet when I got up. I took a cup of coffee after a nice shower. Outside, it's a little strange weather. It changes from sunny to cloudy and back without warning..
I hope the new dishwasher will come today, I've been waiting for it for over a week. I really hate to do dishes by hand.
I had a simple breakfast today, partly because I was so tired and partly because of the awful nausea that constantly follows me every morning.
I ate a bowl of fat free cottage cheese with strawberries, watermelon in pieces, coffee and an egg.

Now this girl is going to get a hold of this day.
I'm looking forward to coming to the gym tonight. I'll do a bit of cardio, but I'll also train my legs, butt and stomach later today in the gym.
See you later!

??Love Vivi