Totally exhausted!

Healthy food

It would have been a good day today, but something happened. My body lost all of it's energy, I'm completely exhausted. Something feels wrong, just don't know what.
I needed to eat so I started the grill and grilled 2 pieces of thick ribs that I prepared before.
I marinated them yesterday and boiled them before they once again ended up in the marinade.
Then I grilled them until they were ready, fried some french fries for the boys while I ate bean salad, olives, cucumber and feta cheese for dinner.
I can say that it was a real challenge to eat today. The food tasted like ashes in the mouth due to the nausea I talked about in previus posts.
I just wanted to throw the food away and go to bed. I decided not to do that, instead I took my time and ate up the food.
I don't want to feel like this.
I'll try to eat some vegetables and hummus tonight with a glass of white wine. I'm worth it ... I hope I can get better soon...
See you later! ❤

??Love Vivi