Thoughts about my teenagers!


Soon a long week is over. One day left on my work weekend.

Many thoughts spins in my head. Have I been able to do things in my life differently?
How had my life looked like?

I have two wonderful teenagers, no teenagers are as amazing as mine. 😀 They are smart, funny, handsome and crazy and they have wonderful personalities. They are well-behaved ... I have succeeded with my children.😃 They are my everything and I am so proud of them. Without them I am nothing.
Together we will achieve our goals and dreams in life, we are together against the world.

Me and my children have a wonderful contact. We can read each other's thoughts with just one look, we feel how the others feel when they enter the same room. The boys tell me everything, we have no secrets.

I believe that the band I and the boys have is unique, that is the difficulty but also the fun in life that tied us together. We can be angry with each other, but it goes over quickly. We don't always think the same but we accept it. We have a sarcastic humor between us that not everyone understands. According to the boys, I'm not like any other moms, I'm special.

I am grateful for my children, they have done so that I can continue to fight and still do so. It is for them and for my self I do my absolute best every day.
People comes and goes in our lives but we will always have each other, it will never change.

??Love Vivi