The Plank, 30 days challenge

Fitness, Weightloss

Hope you had a great weekend! Mine has been super, yesterday we spent time with good friends and neighbors. We ate tacos and had a wonderful afternoon and evening. I filled up with so much positive energy! ❤️

Today I was going to give you all a challenge. I love challenges. 😃 They are easy to do, last for 30 days and you can do them both at the gym and at home. You don't need any equipment except a yoga mat.

The challenge I have is "The Plank for 30 days."
You download an app, fill in some information , and then you can start. The app tells you exactly how the exercise are executed and when you have rest days.
The app is free and available in appstore or gogglestore.

Come on ... take this challenge and tell me how it goes!😃

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??Love Vivi