The end of Swedish mothers day!


This day us nowover! Mothersday here in Sweden is over and it's the end of the week.

Since I am not exercising today and don't eat or drink anything unnecessary during the week so I took the liberty to take a glass of white wine. It's so good. It may sound odd to some, but I love to drink wine with ice in it and then drink it with a straw... crazy maybe...but you should honestly try it. 😉

So tomorrow begins a new week with new challenges. I have understood that it is Memorial day in the US tomorrow. It's a regular working day for us in Sweden. I still wish all of my readers, wherever you are, have a wonderful day tomorrow.
Personally I'll clean a little and work out at the gym, of course. It's a stomach & back day on the schedule for me tomorrow.

Sleep well and I'll see you tomorrow.
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Goodnight from the HealthQueen in Sweden! ❤

??Love Vivi