Terrible Monday!

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Good evening!
I'm sorry that I didn't post anything today. There have been a few things that affected the day and the rest of the week.
As I told you yesterday, my son Oscar has been ill for a while. He has been vomiting since Tuesday last week. Probably because he has ulcerative colitis and you are always worried that something is wrong.
So I called his doctor today and we had to get to the hospital immediately. He was hospitalized and got medicines directly into his blood.
Now, we hope he won't vomit more.
It's a challenge for me to be in a hospital. It's a little hard to trust a doctor and sometimes I tend to get too involved.

I ate breakfast at home, which consisted of blueberry quark mixed with chiapudding. Blueberries and pumpkinseeds sprinkled over the chiapudding. I also ate an egg and drank coffee and water flavored with cucumber.
I drank an ordinary shake with vanilla flavor later at the hospital.
Tomorrow, doctors will do more. I hope they find what's wrong with Oscar and that we will get sent home soon because we don't want to be here.
The food in the hospital is no good and there is no gym here either.😂

There will be a celebration on Thursday due to the end of the school year so now Oscar has to get better and of course we want to go home to my youngest son Anthony.

I hope your Monday has been better than mine!
See you tomorrow!
Good night ❤

??Love Vivi