Sunday Lunch!

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I ate my lunch late just like yesterday, it's so hard to make time to eat lunch in time. There is always someone who wants something from me or something that needs to be done...
In the end it got to much for me and I was so mad at everything and everyone. I just snarled and snapped at them... " Be quiet and leave me alone ".
I always feel very sick and grumpy when I don't eat in time. Eventually I got something to eat as you can see here.

For lunch I had cold-cut entrecote with bean salad, a little green salad with cucumber and tomatoes with a little pestovinegrett on top. I drank a glass of water for lunch.

Now I'll just hope that the nausea disappears and the mood changes to the brighter side.

I hope that you'll check in here a little later today because I've found a new drink in the store that I'll write about!  See you later....

??Love Vivi